Unpatriotic Priests Fronting Treason Lobby's March On Washington
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The mob of Open-Borders extremists descending upon the Washington DC April 10 will include a prominent contingent of persons of the cloth. This religious window-dressing demonstrates that the Cultural Marxist assault on traditional standards of morality is reaching into America’s churches….plus, of course, there’s the selfish desire to boost dwindling congregations; and money. [D.C. immigrant activists optimistic ahead of Wednesday rally, By Pamela Constable, Washington Post, April 6, 2013]

The concept of virtue has been rejiggered through the Leftist doctrine into victimology, where the most publicized sob story wins. Plus, the immigration issue now contains a strong tribal aspect, in which victimhood is conflated to include whole races and nationalities.

The gimme-Amnesty mob will be headed up by hardcore Treason Lobbyists like the Raza Gang and the Leftist SEIU. But why are useful idiot clergy giving moral cover?

Consider the ethical position—take jobs from poor Americans to give to poor law-breaking foreigners. The belief in such activities comes from Marx, not Jesus. Why do church representatives believe it is moral to cause more pain to Americans in order to make life easier for Mexicans?

We live in a stagnant economy with a shrinking workforce. The April 5 monthly jobs report was a shocker, with only 88,000 new jobs added and the lowest rate of employment participation since 1979.

The current “recovery” from the terrible recession of a few years ago is the weakest in many decades. Little is said of the harm that comes from the long duration of the economic pain, but job loss in hard times means unemployment benefits ending, depletion of savings and homes being sold or repossessed. The suffering is cumulative, but the Opravda press doesn’t want to show its beloved leader in a bad light.

It took a British newspaper to report on formerly middle class Americans living in tents in New Jersey.

How can any religious person (much less an ordained one) support mass amnesty in such a painful economic environment? According to Senator Jeff Sessions (during an April 3 phone call to Fox news), eight million foreigners would be morphed into legal workers as soon as legalization is enacted. (Naturally, not every single illegal alien among the official 11 million will be grabbing a paycheck—children will be attending public schools, whacking the taxpayer for some $11,000 a year per student, and older persons will eventually get Social Security into which they never paid.)

Also, how moral is it to saddle today’s young people and future generations with the trillions of dollars in social welfare costs? Many of the current crop of illegals are low-skilled and poorly educated, meaning their families use welfare at higher rates than US families.

Young people have had a particularly rough time during the Obama years. The official March youth unemployment rate was 11.7 percent, and wages have fallen for young college graduates. Grads are increasing working at low-skilled jobs that they could have gotten without an expensive college education.[Losing Hope: Effective Millennial Unemployment Rate At 16.2%, by Tony Lee, Breitbart.com, April 5, 2013]

Amnesty, if passed, would be one of the worst drivers of generational theft ever. It would be a strong element in the crushing of the American Dream of a better life for the next generation.

Adding millions of workers into such an economy is barbaric and unjust.

What kind of religious leaders can support such cruelty to Americans? Since when do the scriptures say “Take from your neighbor and deliver unto a foreigner”? They don’t.

So who are the people shepherding the anti-American post-sovereignty cassock brigade?

The big dog leading the pack of Open Borders clergy: the Roman Catholic Church. It has long been in the anti-sovereignty business, because many of the illegals are Catholics who fill the pews emptied of Americans. Half of the foreign-born in America today are Catholic.

The church recently increased its funds directed to promote legalization for millions of Catholics, er foreigners. In March, the Bishops added $800,000 to its existing cache of $3 million dedicated to its Amnesty project. One effort is the church’s JusticeForImmigrants.org website that invites anti-borders activism.

In the West, the important Los Angeles diocese has been taken over by an actual Mexican immigrant, following the 2011 retirement of pedophile-priest protector Cardinal Roger Mahony (who was also a big friend of illegal aliens).

Archbishop Jose Gomez was born in Monterrey Mexico, which is presumably thought to be a good fit for “diverse” post-American Los Angeles (48.1 percent Hispanic in the County, 2012).

In a March speech, he suggested that amnesty was a moral requirement

“And I think that’s one of the problems we are having in this immigration debate. We have lost sense of the 'humanity' of the men and women and children who are living in this country illegally.”

He expressed concern that we are “losing something of our national soul” in how illegal immigration is addressed. [America's 'soul' at risk over immigration, Archbishop Gomez warns, By Carl Bunderson, Catholic News Agency, March 22, 2013]

So is Gomez suggesting that we pro-borders patriots are going to hell? It's presumptuous for someone who lived to age 36 outside this country to lecture America about its soul.

Narco-state Mexico, on the other hand, could use a few words of ethical guidance…just a thought.

New York City’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan is yet another Open-Borders advocate. In 2010 he compared Arizona’s popular immigration enforcement law to “spasms” of nativist and Know-Nothing behavior in the 19th century. Last year he co-wrote with Archbishop Gomez a letter to the Speaker of the House, urging “immigration reform”—a.k.a. amnesty.

Another Catholic carper: Archbishop Samuel Aquila of Denver, likewise a promoter of comprehensive amnesty. He is an immigration swooner, one of those who believe America is “renewed” by foreigners somehow, as if the society were inadequate without diverse newbies. That’s pretty insulting to native-born Americans when you think about it.

In a March speech, the Catholic cleric spoke of “family values”

“I hope that America can become a civilization of love. Promoting family life through immigration law is a way to promote a civilization of love, and a culture of life.” [Archbishop Aquila says immigrants can help renew US Catholicism, Catholic News Agency, April 6, 2013]

During the same lecture, Aquila reaffirmed what he claimed was the Catholic doctrine that law and sovereignty are secondary to church beliefs—namely that economic need provides a right to cross national boundaries:

The right to migrate is “rooted in natural law,” he said, citing the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Isn’t it curious that an organization that preaches law-breaking gets a religious tax exemption and receives billions of dollars in government aid?

In fact, Jesus said, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s” (Mark 12:17)—a clear admonition to obey the law.

(And there’s also Deuteronomy 28:43: “The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low.”)

Protestants, needless to say, are no better. One of the more outspoken is Richard Land, [email him] an official of the Southern Baptist Convention.(See VDARE.com's Allan Wall on Land here and here.) During a panel chat at AEI on November 19, 2012, Land expressed agreement with the immigration philosophies of the Council on Foreign Relations and Jeb Bush that accumulating the most brilliant brains was the key to global economic success. (Watch.)

Land also favors stapling green cards to all advanced degree STEM diplomas. He must not care about the alarming cases of spies from Red China, some via student visas.

Land recently estimated that 40 percent of Hispanic Southern Baptists are illegal aliens. So the aim may be marketing as much as misguided Evangelical ardor.

This Open-Borderism is a passion of religious elites, not average parishioners. A 2009 Zogby poll found that majorities of the three major religions thought more enforcement was needed and there was too much immigration generally.

Patriotic Americans who attend church need to speak out against this evil use of religion to destroy America—and to wave aside the collection plate.

The dark side is strong now. But it can be defeated as long as members of Congress fear losing re-election—and if church bureaucrats fear for their salaries.

Brenda Walker lives in northern California and blogs about immigration and culture in LimitsToGrowth.org.

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