“Evangelical Immigration Table” Campaigns For Amnesty
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The "Evangelical Immigration Table" is an evangelical group campaigning for amnesty. It includes some of the same suspects I've written of before: Leith Anderson, Richard Land and Hispanic chauvinist Samuel Rodriguez. An article about the group on CNN is entitled Evangelical Christians prepare for ‘largest ever grassroots push on immigration’  but it's highly unlikely this is a "grassroots push". After all, there are many evangelical groups, and not a single hierarchy or representative who could credibly speak for all of them. However, the Evangelical Immigration Table does have some prominent leaders, and they could do a lot of damage.

The group has released a video (here) in which some of its leaders quote the words of Christ in Matthew 25:31-46, about the sheep and the goats. The goal here is to guilt trip evangelicals into supporting amnesty. Don't be deceived. The passage is about helping the poor and needy, not about amnesty for illegal alien lawbreakers!

I encourage evangelical Christians to fight back. Go here and see who is involved in this group. If the list includes any of your denominational leaders or leaders of ministries you support, contact them and give them an earful. Don't donate to organizations (such as Focus on the Family) that support amnesty, and explain to them why you don't. And this is very important - educate your local and denominational church leadership on this question. Point out how illegal and mass immigration harms Americans and how it exacerbates social problems in the sending countries. Explain to them that Christian Charity and Big Government are not the same thing. There are plenty of good, sound arguments you can employ to show that Christianity and immigration sanity are compatible. Use the vast VDARE.COM archive as a source.

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