“The Summer’s Gone, And All The Leaves Are Falling”…But Not In America, If You Help VDARE.com
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Kent Falls, CT, Beautiful…until America’s Immigration Disaster (illegal AND legal) reached it


Kent Falls, CT, Beautiful…until America’s Immigration Disaster (illegal AND legal) reached it 

By Peter Brimelow, Editor, VDARE.com

$17,200!—that’s about how much VDARE.com had raised (tax-deductibly) as of today, September 3, counting snailmailed checks, towards our $30,000 Summer Appeal goal.

So, despite suspending our Appeal over the Labor Day weekend, we’re already over 57% there!

I want personally to thank all of our readers who have contributed—above all our old friends. We owe you everything.

We now hope we’ve resolved the technical software problems that caused us to suspend the Appeal. So (to ape the immigration enthusiasts) let’s get this done! We don’t want to be forced into a supplementary Appeal later this year.

Congress reconvenes this Friday, September 6th and the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill is still hanging fire. There’s just too much going on!

  • If you have already purchased a VIP Summer Appeal Pass for $100, you will be able to access the site throughout the rest of this Appeal! Of course, if you are among the generous group that gives more, that will enable us to open VDARE.com all the sooner!
  • If you can’t afford $100—and we know that all too many of our readers cannot—remember that anything you can give gets us closer to opening VDARE.com completely.
  • If you are among our friends who have in the past given even larger sums—some of you, enough to end this Appeal at one stroke—well, bless you. And we would all be very happy if you could do so again.
  • Defying our fund-raising advisers, we’re going to leave the blog open throughout this appeal.
We’re not ashamed of closing VDARE.com to ask for reader support—it’s a legitimate economic form, like a church, certainly nicer than barring readers who can’t afford to subscribe; and more honest than depending on advertisers.

But it just drives us crazy not to be able to trash the Treason Lobby—even for a day.

Let me make two further points about why you must support VDARE.com now:

This public pessimism, of course, is in dramatic contrast from the triumphalist drum-beating you hear from the Main Stream Media.

But what’s really significant is this Rasmussen comment:

A continuing problem for the reformers [VDARE.com note: a.k.a. Amnesty/ Immigration Surge backers] is that just 32% of voters think it is at least somewhat likely that the federal government would actually secure the border and prevent illegal immigration, and that includes only eight percent (8%) who feel it’s Very Likely. Fifty-eight percent (58%) believe the government is unlikely to follow through with tighter border control, with 27% who say it’s Not At All Likely. [Emphasis added]
At VDARE.com, we have written a lot about “pollaganda.” Pollsters rarely ask about increasing legal immigration, which current proposals envisage, and never about deportation. The only way pollsters have ever been able to assemble a majority for “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” is by stipulating that first the border must be secured. Yet, overwhelmingly, Americans just don’t believe that the federal government will ever secure the border.

That’s some “continuing problem”!

I like to think that VDARE.com’s relentless documentation of Obama’s unilateral dismantling of immigration law enforcement, above all our unique emphasis on his 2011 Administrative Amnesty for college-age illegals—which Establishment commentators now admit they missed at the time and which fully merited the now-fashionable calls for impeachment—has helped inform Americans’ consciousness on this point.

The fact that the American people understand that their Federal government cannot be trusted on immigration law enforcement is not just a political, but also a (rare) cultural, triumph.

As we’ve repeatedly said: only grass-roots awareness—not Inside-The-Beltway maneuverings—have any hope of saving America.

My second point relates to the idyllic summer photograph at the beginning of this Appeal.

  • VDARE.com is unique in its emphasis on looking ahead—on what happens if the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill passes—and in emphasizing that this legislation will not “get it behind” anyone, least of all elected officials.
One of our most popular recent blogs chronicled the sudden devastation of public parks in the Connecticut Berkshires Whitopia because the rising tide of Third World immigration has finally come within weekend driving range.

Of course, the local community of Yankee liberals and New York weekenders are too Politically Correct to admit what was happening—but they did react, primarily by contracting the facilities i.e. reducing amenities for everyone.

Needless to say, MSM elitists within their gated communities will deride this as a trivial problem. But the destruction of public social capital—parks, schools, communities—is how immigration impacts ordinary Americans. And the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill will double or even triple legal immigration from its already record highs.

Whether the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill passes or not, there is literally no end to the problems that current immigration policy will cause.

But, whatever happens, VDARE.com will be here, fighting.

“The Summer’s Gone, And All The Leaves Are Falling” says the great Irish ballad—which (as a matter of fact) first became popular on this side of the Atlantic.

But not in America—if you help us now.



Peter Brimelow



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