One Problem With These Hispanic Immigrants Is Their Disgusting Behavior
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Kent falls

Kent Falls CT. Beautiful...before the Hispanics came.

Many years ago Peter Brimelow and his late wife retreated from Manhattan to the rugged, wooded hills of Northwest Connecticut, an area he describes as the Connecticut Berkshires, in reference to the range immediately further north in Massachusetts.

Now it appears this was not far enough.

Two beautiful small local recreational areas, Kent Falls State Park and Bulls Bridge have been hit by a plague, discreetly discussed by the local newspaper for the upper class NY weekend community, the Litchfield County Times:  Progress Made in Kent Parks Mess Saturday August 10, 2013

..some progress has been made in curbing the excesses of weekend visitors to two of the town’s attractions. For the past two years Kent has seen an influx of visitors to the state-owned Kent Falls State Park and to FirstLight power generation company’s property along the Housatonic River below Bull’s Bridge.

Kent Falls is a relatively small state park but is heavily frequented because of its beautiful waterfall and because it is easily seen from Route 7.

Bull’s Bridge is larger and less regulated, but was discovered last year by urban dwellers seeking a free site for picnicking and water recreation. Its heavy use resulted in piles of litter with no one clearly responsible for its removal.

…residents of Duggan Road wrote a letter to the selectmen complaining …The residents termed what has happened over the past two years to be “a nightmare.”

“Trespassing, illegal parking, trash disposal, urine and feces have been unbelievable on our properties, state property and on roadway areas consistently,” they said in a letter signed by 14 residents.

Readers of the full account will find that the State DEP has dealt with the issue primarily by reducing the quality of the facilities. Wonderful.

The problem here quite simply is the Hispanic immigrants in the urban areas further south in the State, and in particular their attitude to litter. This was noted some years ago by Allan Wall in Diversity Is Strength. It's Also…Litter and Peter Brimelow in Latinos Litter. Who Dares Say That? (His source, Logical Meme, has happily reactivated after a several year silence.)

A source tells me that a local resident will no longer walk the adjacent stretch of the Appalachian Trail without carrying his pistol.

Welcome to post Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration Bill America.

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