The Comey Confrontation: In Our New Third-World America, Corruption Is A Feature, Not A Bug
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With its usual impressive Stalinist discipline, the Main Stream Media/ Democrat complex is promulgating the Party Line that the issue is not Hillary Clinton’s clearly felonious carelessness in handling classified information but FBI Director James Comey’s daring to mention the discovery of new emails. And of course it’s not yet clear what political impact this will have [Election Update: Comey Or Not, Trump Continues To Narrow Gap With Clinton, by Nate Silver, October 31, 2016]. But in the end, the election is going to come down to the fundamentals of politics – identity and demographics. The unmentionable fact: in our new Third World America, corruption no longer matters: In the must-win state of North Carolina, Hillary Clinton is counting on strong minority turnout and new residents, Yankee and immigrant, to overwhelm Trump voting conservatives. She recently used a visit by Michelle Obama to help turn out her (black) base. Albert Hunt at Bloomberg smirks:
Demographics are destiny in this purple state. In 2008, a little more than half of the voters were born in-state and Obama was defeated among that group; he won by taking those that had moved to North Carolina. This year, more than half of the electorate will be voters who've moved to the state, and a good percentage will be college-educated. Both characteristics advantage Democrats.

[North Carolina Is The Real Bellwether State, October 30, 2016]

Clinton’s supporters already know she is corrupt. They just don’t care [CBS Battleground Poll: Reaction to Latest Clinton Email News Breaks Down Along Party Lines, CBS, October 30, 2016]. Corruption isn’t going to discourage them from voting for her any more than it stops African-Americans from monolithically supporting candidates who join “the conscience of the Congress,” the Congressional Black Caucus, that get arrested for corruption a few years later.

Many in the FBI do care. The organization is apparently at war with itself about how to respond to Clintonian sleaze. [FBI in Internal Feud Over Hillary Clinton Probe, by Devlin Barrett, The Wall Street Journal, October 30, 2016]

Note, however, the background to this civil war: the pressure on the agency to succumb to the Diversity Uber Alles mantra which has already gutted the Justice Department. It was only a few months ago that FBI Director Comey called the lack of diversity within the FBI and the growing number of white special agents a “crisis”. [FBI Director Comey Calls Agency’s Lack of Diversity a ‘Crisis,’ by Devlin Barrett, The Wall Street Journal, July 13, 2016]

The Politically Correct agenda from which Comey failed to protect his own agents could be one of the hidden factors driving what analysts are calling a “revolt” by disaffected FBI agents against him—essentially forcing him into reopening the investigation. [Exclusive: Resignation letters piling up from disaffected FBI agents, his wife urging him to admit he was wrong , by Ed Klein, Daily Mail, October 30, 2016]

But if this revolt is suppressed, we can already see what a reconstituted, “diversified” FBI will look like by examining Jeh Johnson’s Department of Homeland Security: it spends its days importing new threats to Americans rather than protecting us.

Of course, MSM journalists, the self-proclaimed check on government corruption, are rushing to defend the status quo. In the Bizarro World media culture of The Current Year, a taped private conversation featuring Donald Trump talking bawdy about women years ago is cutting-edge journalism [Martin Baron: ‘We took Donald Trump seriously from the beginning,’ by James Silver, The Guardian, October 30, 2016]. But an investigation into official corruption is inappropriate.

Effeminate hysteric Isaac Chotiner at Slate is infuriated such questions are even being raised when the MSM should be doing more important things, like calling Trump racist. “[T]he entire press corps has shifted its focus to a relatively minor issue at a time when Donald Trump remains the primary threat to American democracy,” he shrieks. “Journalism is about choosing what to cover as much as it is deciding how to cover something” [Donald Trump Is on the Ballot Next Week. Why Are We Talking About Emails? October 31, 2016].

Leftist columnist E.J. Dionne suggests Comey’s actions were “appeasement” and warns, “History shows appeasing bullies never works” [The Costs of Comey’s Appeasement, Real Clear Politics, October 31, 2016].

Thus investigating corruption is one step away from Literally Hitler!

Consider the revealing jokes made by shills such as Michael Moore and Bill Maher.

Maher sneered:

“I don’t know what they’re going to find and I don’t care. She’s got a server in her basement? I don’t care if she’s got JonBenet Ramsey in her basement, I’m still not voting for Donald Trump.”

[Bill Maher rips Anthony Weiner over Hillary Clinton email investigation, by Christopher Rosen, EW, October 29, 2016]

And Moore who inadvertently provided one of the best viral ads for The Donald's candidacy when he described a potential Trump Administration as the ultimate "f*** you" to elites, nonetheless wants the unemployed workers he ostensibly champions to suck it up and vote for the woman who helped destroy their lives, saying he hopes Hillary Clinton did kill Vince Foster because that’s “badass” .

[Michael Moore in surprise “Movie” called “Trumpland”: Hate Hillary? Vote for Her Anyway, by Roger Friedman, Showbiz 411, October 18, 2016]

Corruption is justified in the eyes of the American Left because of the larger meta-narrative which drives the entire movement. Trump is seen as a kind of tribal leader of the privileged, masculine, European-American patriarchy responsible for the ills of the world [Beyond the pale: White privilege thy name is Donald Trump, by Chauncey Devega, Salon, October 12, 2016]. Stopping him by any means necessary is inherently moral and justified.

Hillary Clinton, the wife of the former president, the pro-war darling of the Democratic (and much of the Republican) Establishment, the candidate of Wall Street and the Ruling Class, is thus transformed into a heroic figure somehow Fighting The Power.

Leftists like Noam Chomsky, who have spent their entire careers ostensibly challenging corporate liberalism, are nonetheless begging their followers to vote for its exemplar [Chomsky: I’d “absolutely” vote for Hillary Clinton, by Nolan McCaskill, Politico, January 25, 2016]

Celebrities who traffic in degeneracy and pseudo-edgy rebellious posturing unashamedly declare their solidarity with the Democratic nominee without fearing they are endangering either their image or hers. [Whores of Babylon, by Hunter Wallace, Occidental Dissent, October 30, 2016. Warning: NSFW].

Bringing up issues of corruption or profiteering is actually an immoral act on behalf of the accuser—because you are providing aid and comfort to racist forces.

For example, reporter Michael Tracey, who has passionately condemned Clinton’s history of corruption and war-mongering, is consistently accused of being part of the Alt Right even though he has specifically condemned Donald Trump (and may well not be a friend of!) [Why I Do Not Support Donald Trump: A Brief Personal History, by Michael Tracey, Medium, October 12, 2016].

Can corruption stop Crooked Hillary? No more than it stops Democrats from automatically winning the black vote by margins last seen in Baathist Iraq. In an age of identity politics and intensifying Cultural Marxist totalitarianism, questions of “good government” fade to irrelevance.

And as the American Left blithely declares its indifference to criminality, self-identified conservatives who are concerned about this “rule of law” we hear so much about need to start confronting a hard truth: First World standards of government can only last in a country with First World demographics.

James Kirkpatrick [Email him] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc.

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