A Virginia Reader Says That The Open Anti-White Hate On Display In "The Current Year" Will Wake White Americans
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Re: James Fulford’s blog post JERUSALEM POST Exposes Soros’s Attacks On National Sovereignty Via Immigration–U.S MSM Clueless

From: Peter Henderson [Email him]

Recently a friend sent me a news item about a college that was offering a training program called "Stop White People." [State University Now Offers 'Stop White People' Trainingby Pardes Seleh , DailyWire.com, August 23, 2016]

He commented "Do these people WANT a race war? "  I replied, to his discomfort, "I hope so!' I added that I had no wish to see a literal "race war" nor did I consider black people an enemy, but thought that 90% of the Right's problem is the taboo against responding to attacks on the things we value with clarity, force and independence of thought. To break the taboo, whose enforcement mechanism is the public's unreliable sense of what is reasonable, the most egregious offenses against us are welcome.

The Right has yet to learn about "heightening the contradictions" and all those strategic notions the left takes as elementary. If establishment conservatives were football coaches they would have been canned after one abysmal season. If they were CEOs they would have been fired for running the company into bankruptcy. Neocons, steeped in Trotskyism, know well how to subvert their colleagues.

We seem now to have the prospect of a genuine movement to replace the whipped dogs, Quislings, and self-admiring "meritocrats" of "mainstream" conservatism. With Trump and the nascent Alt Right I feel for the first time it is the left that is trying to hold the lid on "an idea whose time has come."

The Jerusalem Post has succinctly described the political challenge facing the right in a recent editorial on the Soros emails. What the globalist left is out to destroy is not The West, or Europe, or The Enlightenment, but the very idea of a sovereign nation with distinctive mores, traditions, and way of life, which may differ from the way of life of some other nation. Our cause is Nationalism, not Rationalism.

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