That Ravi vs. Clementi "Hate Crime" Verdict: How Long Before Gets Shut Down?
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Immigrants Dharun Ravi, Father: Welcome to the Land of the Free.

The appalling implications for the free expression of opinion arising from the Dharun Ravi case are sinking in. Ravi is the 20 year old Indian immigrant facing 10 years in jail for embarrassing Taylor Clementi, a homosexual.

(The individual in question—who had only recently “come out” to his parents—did subsequently commit suicide. But the prosecution did not allege Ravi caused the death. Consequently he was not able to free himself from that implication.)

If the sexual interaction being filmed had been hetero, only minor penalties (if any) would be involved. The Gay Lobby is here reaping the benefit of the privileged legal status lavished on them in the Hate Crimes legislation of 2009.

Larry Auster very plausibly predicts Liberals' Next Move: To Criminalize Anti-Liberal Speech. Auster posts a reader’s comment:

In retrospect, it would seem that the totalitarian prosecution of the Ravi case was an end to which "hate crime" legislation was pointing from the outset.

How to overcome the obstacle of the First Amendment, which protects the right to express negative opinions of a leftist victim group? By way of…writing into law that an opinion of which the left disapproves may be seen as an exacerbating factor in the commission of a crime, even when the "crime" to which it is attached is negligible to non-existent.

Auster responds
…given the rapidity and audacity of the left's current advance, I no longer see any certain bar to their desire to define purely verbal behavior, namely verbal criticism of a protected group or its agenda (protected up to this point by federal and state free speech guarantees) as an intimidating act. And once they do that, America will be indistinguishable from Europe as far as anti-hate speech laws are concerned, except that America will be worse. America won't just fine people for hate speech; it will imprison them.
One STDV is also alarmed, recognizing the momentum that this legislation has provided to repression:
...the precedent set by this case should seriously scare anyone who defies our society's sacrosanct leftist values.

…this is how judicial activism works—liberals get a handful of activist judges in sympathetic districts (or foreign countries) to put some aspect of their heinous morality on the books. Then, once entrenched as law and imbued with the social capital of such distinction, liberals point to THE LAW as the be-all-end-all of morality. As if one dare not question THE LAW because it is THE LAW and thus the final say on matters of contention.

One STDV commentator  “Dana” added
...the invention of hate and bias crimes has for the first time criminalized MOTIVE and opinion rather than intent to commit a crime—this is the aspect of these laws that make them ThoughtCrime
Hate Crime legislation was rammed through Congress in 2009, exactly as’s Peter Brimelow predicted after Obama’s election, citing his concept of Hitler’s Revenge:
I think the effects of fighting the Second World War, on the Anglosphere culture, turned the elites so strongly against racism and xenophobia and that kind of thing, that they kind of went overboard the other way. They became incapable of dealing with any questions dealing with race, ethnicity or nationality.

Like the famous bird of RAF origin that flies around in ever diminishing circles until it finally vanishes in a way which I won't go into, they got over on the other side and as a result are leading their nation-states to destruction.

You've all heard of "hate speech", and you're going to hear a lot more about it. I think one of the first things that the Obama administration will do,—and it will not be amnesty, I don't think they're going to go for that—is to try to push through legislation designed to curtail hate speech and hate crimes, which are really political speech and political crimes. Teddy Kennedy tried to get it through the last congress. Maybe it'll be his memorial.

Of course the problem that we've got here is not hate speech in this country, but what we might describe as "hate facts"—facts that are true, but which nobody dares to mention

This legislation was a priority for one simple reason: to repress, through intimidation, political opposition to privileged groups.

This was why, at the time, we at were so disgusted by the irresponsible cowardice of most of the alleged “Conservative” Movement leadership.

For the Treason Lobby, Hate Crime laws were a tremendouly desirable weapon. They are determined to elect a new people and are consequently desperate to prevent any consciousness of White American group interests emerging—and above all to slow the inevitable realization by the Republicans (GOP) that they are the Generic American Party (GAP) and that they might as well make the most of it.

The scandalous situation in Canada and the U.K., where Free Speech curtailment makes discussion of ethnic matters positively dangerous, strikes the Treason Lobby as wonderful.

The passage of the Hate Crimes Bill (by the contemptible subterfuge if attaching it to the Defense Appropriations Bill and bullying all the Democrats to go along) has made them more ambitious. The repression of Pat Buchanan and attacks on Rush Limbaugh to say nothing of stem from surging confidence that traditional American freedoms can be destroyed.

How long before some reader gets into an unPC fender-bender and by a tortured guilt-by-association fantasy our site is blamed?

This is why I asked after it passed in 2009 Will survive the Hate Crimes Bill? It is already clear that America will not.

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