“Strategic Deportation” Would Stop Reconquistas, Leftists Re-Running THE CIVIL RIGHTS SHOW And Seizing Power in Anaheim
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[Previously by Nicholas Stix: Report from Occupied America: Thanks to Immigration (and the MSM), Not Walt Disney’s Anaheim]

For 60 years, from the NAACP’s demands that black children be forced on white schools to Barack Obama’s claims, in 2008, to be a “post-racial” “racial healer,” white Americans have been watching the Civil Rights Show.

It’s always the same script: If whites will just submit to the newest black demands, all social problems will be solved. The new rights (and more money) will “ease the racial tension” and allow the “racial healing” to begin.

And yet every time whites submit, blacks again scream “racism,” engage in more violence, and make even more grandiose demands. During the 1960s, some wag called black militants “People who wouldn’t take yes for an answer.” Even winning the presidency has not ended this process.    

Now an alliance of Reconquista Hispanics and white Leftists tells us that if only whites in Anaheim, CA would immediately surrender all power to the city’s Hispanics, it would “ease tensions,” “begin with the healing” blah blah.

By using the same rhetoric as their forbears, these characters are telegraphing their plans. Do they think that their thinly veiled threats of more riots will so terrify their victims that the latter will submit—even it’s now obvious from repeated experience that doing so would be political and economic suicide for them?

The answer: yes.

And the Leftists may be right.

Last week, I reported the riots following the fatal police shootings of Manuel “Stomper” Diaz, 25, and Joel “Yogi” Acevedo, 21, on July 21 and 22, respectively.

Needless to say, local gangbangers and their supporters insist that murderous policemen are the source of all Anaheim’s troubles.

Orange County Register Video by Jonathan Khamis: The Cops are the Real Problem!

On the night my VDARE.com article appeared, July 27, Anaheim police officers were involved in their third officer-involved shooting (OIS) in seven days.

A burglary suspect allegedly attempted to murder an officer by trying to run him down with a stolen truck. A second officer fired at the suspect, missing him. Jose Daniel Campos Castellanos, 32, was later arrested.

This time, the officer neither killed nor wounded the suspect. Methinks the officer was not trying all that hard to hit him—even though he was a would-be cop-killer. [Anaheim police arrest two men suspected in burglary by Denisse Salazar, Sean Emery and Salvador Hernandez, The Orange County Register, July 27, 2012.]

After this third OIS, white Mayor Tom Tait met with Hispanic residents at a private home in the vicinity of the fatal shootings. [Anaheim Mayor Meets with Residents Over Shooting Concerns, KTLA, August 1, 2012.]

Activists and Main Stream Media supporters were already claiming the shootings were symptoms of “divisions” within the city—of rich and poor, of hot summers with nothing for the “youth” to do.

That’s odd. Poor and working-class white “youth” (my own background) rarely join violent gangs, deal drugs, steal cars, engage in identity theft, or have shootouts with police or riot, just because they have no money, they’re bored, and it’s hot out.

In fact, of course, the activists don’t care about law enforcement—their objective is political power.

Activists and their media allies argue that the areas around Disneyland receive great sums from tourists, but poor Hispanic neighborhoods did not—as if tourists walked around neighborhoods near Disneyland, spending money. Or as if they would have a reason to go to gang-banger neighborhoods, where they could get killed!

But Anaheim’s approximately 180,000 Hispanic “residents” do get hundreds of millions of dollars the people near Disneyland don’t get, in terms of welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, education, free school breakfasts and/or lunches, etc. They have taken over the city’s public schools, forcing whites and Asians to pay for public and private schools. The money comes from taxes that Disneyland and the hotels serving it pay from mostly white customers, taxes that local whites and Asians pay, and state and federal local coffers that are filled by whites and Asians.

Local Hispanics who work at Disneyland also bring millions of dollars into their neighborhoods.

Activists have demonstrated at Disneyland, apparently seeking to shake it down.

The unrest has exposed long-simmering divisions in Anaheim between the glitz of Disney and professional sports and the struggles in some of the less prosperous Latino neighborhoods in Orange County's largest city.

“Of the city's estimated 340,000 residents, 53% are Latino, and the protests have occurred in the city's flatlands, where many of those residents live. Most City Council members hail from the more affluent Anaheim Hills neighborhood to the east. [NS: As if Hispanic politicians would live in poor neighborhoods!].

Rusty Kennedy, executive director of Orange County Human Relations, said anger over the weekend shootings reflects wider woes in Anaheim's poorest communities, which suffer from unemployment, overcrowding and gang activity.

[NS: Of course, “unemployment, overcrowding and gang activity” are all consequences of the mass immigration of unskilled, violent, low-IQ, irredentist Hispanics.]

"It's a hot summer, school's out, and frustrations from the economy are certainly being felt," Kennedy said. "There are really good families in these neighborhoods that are just struggling to survive. They have fears their child will get in between the gang members and police."

[Protests reflect deep divisions in Anaheim; Latino residents struggle with crime and unemployment in neighborhoods where tourists are scarce by Nicole Santa Cruz, Christopher Goffard and Richard Winton, Los Angeles Times, July 25, 2012, 7:54 p.m.]

“Latino residents struggle with crime”? Who is committing that crime—Martians?

Agitator-in-chief: white Leftist Eric Altman, [Email him] the founder of five-year-old Orange County Communities Organized for Responsible Development.  (To answer the inevitable question: yes, he appears to be Jewish—as I am—plus he’s also homosexual.)

Altman’s vision for Anaheim:

1. Turning it into a Reconquista stronghold;

2. Taxing productive non-Hispanics to death;

3. Handcuffing the police (so that more cops can be killed);

4. Making it impossible for businesses to make money while investing in the city and creating jobs.

In February, Altman sued the city to stop a plan to give a tax abatement to the developer of two planned four-star hotels, which were expected to create 1,300 construction  and 3,200 long-term  jobs.

Altman claimed both that the tax abatement was illegal, and that he wanted to tear up the agreement and negotiate a new abatement that cost the city less.

But if the abatement is illegal, it’s illegal at any price. Clearly, Altman is not concerned by legality. My guess: he’s looking to engage in multimillion-dollar, ACORN-style shakedowns of anyone looking to do business in Anaheim. [Anaheim sued to stop $158 million hotel incentive; Community activists hope that tax deal will be nullified so the city can go back and negotiate a better deal by Eric Carpenter, The Orange County Register, February 29, 2012.]

In June, three Hispanic activists and the ACLU sued the city to have its political structure of four at-large councilmen thrown out, and replaced with a system of at least eight council districts. This would probably guarantee an immediate, permanent, unbreakable Hispanic takeover. While claiming to support representative democracy, Altman aggressively supports the lawsuit:

[The coalition] called on the city to quickly settle a lawsuit filed in June by three Latino community leaders and the American Civil Liberties Union. That lawsuit claims the city is violating the state's voting rights act and demands that Anaheim change its system to elect by districts rather than at-large.

[Coalition: Latino voice needed to ease tension in Anaheim; Group of leaders from across Anaheim says council with 8 district reps needed for fair representation by Eric Carpenter (!), The Orange County Register, July 31, 2012 Updated: Aug. 1, 2012 9:10 a.m.]

Yes, the OCR headline editor actually said that submitting to the rule of irredentist Hispanic aliens would “ease tension”!


Eric Altman Speech, video by OCR’s Rob Whitfield, July 31, 2012


“Anaheim needs at least eight council districts to truly represent our diverse population….

“And the city can and should act, the city can and should act immediately to settle the existing lawsuit, based on these principles and move us all forward towards healing.”

“Healing”?! He actually said “healing”?

Most local MSM outlets have fallen in lockstep with Altman, and censored local opposition to the Reconquista. One exception: KABC:

White leftists like Altman were the brains behind the “Civil Rights” movement. They are now the brains behind the Reconquista socialist revolution.

Behind all of the demands lies the threat, “Do as we say, or we’ll riot again.”

Million Americans, who have seen one city after another destroyed this way, have already seen this movie.

Giving in to blackmailers never “eases tensions.” On the contrary, they just up the ante continuously, and the “tension” (read: violence) never ends. Read Saul Alinsky.

Meanwhile, the City Council made the mistake of bringing in not only the state but the feds as well, to investigate the fatal police shootings. If Obama wins the November election, look for a Justice Department takeover of the APD; if Romney wins, look for… a Justice Department takeover of the APD?

Anything’s possible, with the alien or the invertebrate in the White House.

The reasons Hispanic “residents,” who constitute 52.8 percent of the population, haven’t simply voted themselves into control are the usual: Many are non-citizens (legal immigrants or illegal aliens); too young; disenfranchised, due to felony convictions; and simply don’t care—Hispanic voters are notoriously apathetic.

What the city and the Feds (a.k.a. the Americans) should have done: crack down on the rioters and systematically deport those who prove to be here illegally. (Typically, no MSM reports have even asked about the rioters’ immigration status).

Anaheim is a classic case where what VDARE.com calls “strategic deportation” would have sent a salutary message—which would have resonated throughout the state: remember, there an estimated 2.6 million  illegal aliens in California. And more than 90% of the estimated 1.3 million  illegal aliens who left the U.S. after 1954’s Operation Wetback “self-deported.”

Instead, if the Reconquistas and white Marxists get their way, whites and Asians in Anaheim Hills will either have to secede and declare themselves an independent city—or, on current form, will start putting out “For Sale” signs.

A few years down the road, the Angels will follow them out. And then Disneyland will also get padlocked.

Must the devastating leftwing/ “Civil Rights” script be played out yet again?

Nicholas Stix [email him] is a New York City-based journalist and researcher, much of whose work focuses on the nexus of race, crime, and education. He spent much of the 1990s teaching college in New York and New Jersey. His work has appeared in Chronicles, The New York Post, Weekly Standard, Daily News, New York Newsday, American Renaissance, Academic Questions, Ideas on Liberty and many other publications. Stix was the project director and principal author of the NPI report, The State of White America-2007. He blogs at Nicholas Stix, Uncensored.

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