Report From Occupied America: Thanks To Immigration (And The MSM), Not Walt Disney’s Anaheim
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Beginning last Saturday night, July 21, Anaheim CA has endured four consecutive nights of rioting after police shootings that killed two Hispanics, Manuel Diaz and Joel Acevedo.

All that Main Stream Media initially reported about the Diaz shooting was that he was in an alleyway at 4 p.m. with some other men, all of whom ran when the police came, and that police believed that Diaz tossed a bag of heroin. However, a letter of correction from the president of the Anaheim police union published maintained that Diaz had acted as though he had a weapon and was going to fire on pursuing officers:

“Diaz, while being chased by Anaheim police officers indicated that he had a weapon on him by keeping his hands in his front waistband area then turning toward the officer while he pulled out an unknown object. No weapon was found. This same scenario played out the following evening, but in this case Joel Acevedo, after being chased, turned and shot at the police officers with a handgun.”

[Letters: Anaheim police still ready to protect, serve by Kerry Condon, President, Anaheim Police Association, Orange County Register, July 26, 2012; Updated July 27, 2012 1:49 p.m.]

Police said Joel Acevedo was in a party of three driving a stolen SUV. A marked police squad car tried to pull over the SUV, but it crashed, whereupon the occupants fled. Acevedo, who was on probation, fired two shots at pursuing officers. They returned fire, killing him.

Locals, including mothers using children and babies as human shields, tried to sabotage the Diaz crime scene, and provoked and attacked police investigators:

They pushed a dumpster holding burning trash toward police. Some also threw rocks and bottles at officers, who responded by firing pepper spray and rubber bullets.

[24 Arrested as Protesters Swarm Streets in Anaheim, KTLA News, July 25, 20124:40 p.m. PDT.]

On Tuesday night, according to Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait, 200 people tried to force their way into a City Council meeting. The crowd swelled to 1,000, then blocked traffic for hours. When forced to move by police, the mob attacked police cars, set dumpsters on fire and blocked streets with them; smashed shop windows; looted stores; and battered civilians and police alike. Twenty-four rioters, including four minors, were arrested. [24 Arrested Following Clash Between Protestors, Anaheim Police, CBS L.A., July 25, 2012 6:18 a.m.]


The rioters raged that police shot them with beanbags, pepper balls, and rubber bullets, and showed sympathetic black-and-blue marks on their midsections. From the KTLA News report:

 The shooting deaths—and the city's handling of them—have sparked controversy in the city where some residents say they are afraid of the police.

Considering that Anaheim is now a gang town, it would be wonderful if residents were afraid of the police. But it’s not bloody likely.

California’s MSM have made their own unique contribution. They have showcased the rioters’ emphasis on the six officer-involved shootings (OIS) have resulted in five fatalities since January:

  • Bernie Cervantes Villegas, 36;
  • Roscoe Cambridge, 29;
  • Gerardo Pineda, 19 (wounded);
  • Marin Angel Hernandez, 21;
  • Manuel Diaz, 25; and
  • Joel Acevedo

[6 Anaheim police shootings were in neighborhoods across the city by Richard Winton and Robert J. Lopez, L.A. Times, July 25, 2012, 8:14 p.m.]

They have adopted the rioters’ terminology—refusing to use word “riot,” saying instead “demonstrators,” “protesters,” “clash” and in one case, “near-riot”;

They sympathetically present as victims, mothers who thought nothing of taking their children, and even their babies to riots;

They speak of the policing shootings as “killings,” of the dead as “victims,” and of them as having been “slain,” all of which implies that the police officers had committed two murders;

Only one story mentioned that Manuel Diaz was a gang-banger, street name “Stomper”; no stories mentioned Joel Acevedo’s street name, “Yogi.”

None of the initial stories said anything about the gang context in general, identified Stomper Diaz’ or Yogi Acevedo’s gang, or any other gangs operating in Anaheim:

“[Stomper Diaz’] niece, 16-year-old Daisy Gonzalez, said her uncle likely ran away from officers when they approached him because of his past experience with law enforcement. ‘He (doesn’t) like cops. He never liked them because all they do is harass and arrest anyone,’ Gonzalez said. [NS: Unlike the gangs?]

“Residents, protesting what they say is an increased police violence against them in the community, started the near-riot after the shooting on nearby La Palma….

 “Said Susan Lopez, ‘I had my baby with me. My baby! The dog scratched me and then grabbed me.... They shot at me while I was holding a baby!’ Another woman yelled, ‘They just shot at us, they shot at a little kid, too.’

[Near-Riot Breaks Out After Officer-Involved Shooting in Anaheim by Jay Jackson, CBS L.A., July 21, 2012 9:53 p.m.]

Every one of those mothers should have been arrested for endangering the welfare of a child. But, to my knowledge, none was.

It was like something out of a painting by Communist propagandist Diego Rivera:

The Uprising


(Diego Rivera, The Uprising)

Anaheim was founded by German farmers who raised wine grapes and then oranges. It remained a sleepy town until the 1950s, when Walt Disney built what would become the country’s most successful family-oriented theme park, Disneyland. It opened on July 17, 1955, as Disney proclaimed: “To all who come to this happy place...welcome!” [Disneyland's History,]


Hollywood singing cowboy Gene Autry, the original owner of the American League expansion Angels, moved the team from Los Angeles to Anaheim in 1966, and it has played there ever since. [Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Sports E-Cyclopedia.]

The area was then virtually lily-white and crime-free—what a crazy coincidence!

But in the last three decades, Southern California has filled up with millions of immigrants who have never heard of, for example, William H. Parker, Los Angeles' legendary law-and-order police chief 1950-1966 (which now appears to have been the region's Golden Age)...and who would denounce him as a racist and a fascist if they had.

According to the 2010 Census, Anaheim now has 336,265 “residents” (remember, the Census counts illegals), 52.8 percent of whom are Hispanic.

  • Hispanic or Latino: 52.8%
  • White alone: 27.5%
  • Asian alone: 14.8%
  • Black: 2.8%
  • American Indian and Alaska Native: 0.8%
  • Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander: 0.5%
  • Two or more races: 4.4%

[Anaheim (city), California, Quickfacts from the U.S. Census Bureau.]

And, of course, Anaheim now has a serious Hispanic gang problem, and all that goes with it.

Two years ago, the city got its second gang injunction, the eighth in Orange County. The city refused to name the gang, but it was apparently the Big Bad Boys. Internet posters have listed 20 supposed Anaheim gangs, but authorities and the media refuse to name them.

“All that goes with it” includes the gang-bangers’ relatives, friends, and supporters—who all believe in the rule of crime. To them, the gangs are the good guys, and the cops are the bad guys.

Early in the 20th century, America’s most violent organized crime syndicates were composed of the children of Jewish immigrants. But they died off, because their communities did not support the pervasive criminal practices, institutions, and ideology that spawn intergenerational gangsterism. Hispanics do, and thus their gangs get stronger over time.

Neoconservatives claim that any white can be replaced with anyone else from any other race or ethnicity, But the people from the countries that have invaded California in general, and Anaheim in particular—Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, etc.—embraced corruption (“mordida””) and celebrated, even worshiped, crime back home. They do the same here.

And once here, the aliens find a subculture of multiculturalists and reconquistas—politicians, activists, “educators,” “celebrities” and publicists—who likewise embrace everything bad that they brought with them.

In the Disney masterpiece, Pinocchio, when the protagonist puppet becomes a real boy, he is suckered into going to an amusement park called Pleasure Island, where boys are encouraged to act like, er, jackasses, engaging in vice—smoking and drinking, and violence—fighting and destroying property.

Eventually, they are all turned into real jackasses and thrown into cages to be sold to work in the salt mines (think prison).

Hispanic immigrants have turned the happy, safe Anaheim of yesteryear into a hellish “Pleasure Island.” Unfortunately, unlike in Pinocchio, they are turning more and more of America into a “Pleasure Island” for the rest of us, too.

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