RNC vs. DNC: “Ocean of Whiteness” vs. Star Wars Cantina
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Two scenes in George Lucas’ first Star Wars movie beautifully encapsulated the emotions I felt while attending both the GOP Convention in Tampa and the DNC Convention in Charlotte:

The Cantina Delegation

Indeed, an “Ocean of Whiteness” was exactly how black Republican consultant Raynard Jackson described the Republican Convention in a front-page banner headline of the black newspaper The Richmond Times. He was right—although I would say the Main Stream Media, massively present and mingling with the delegates, was even whiter.

It’s been reported that only two percent of the delegates at the GOP were Black. Conversely, reportedly 26 percent of the delegates at the DNC were Black, though I’d wager that at least 50 percent of those in attendance at Charlotte’s Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte were—all dressed in their most impressive Sunday attire to pay homage to their Commander in Chief. Whites, many of them homosexual, the men tall good-looking Nordics, the women Ladies Professional Golf Association caricatures, seemed to be about a quarter (although this included the MSM). Hispanics and particularly Asians were somewhat surprisingly less well represented, in that order.

But beneath this diversity there was one commonality at the DNC: the atheists, blacks, Hispanics, “good” white liberals, homosexuals, Amerindians, and other NAMs in attendance – despite their ultimately political interests—were totally united in their belief that the historic majority population of the United States, what VDARE.com calls the “historic American nation,” must be deposed and that the culture this hated majority created must be subverted at all costs.

In a bid to fit in, I made sure to purchase an Obama-Biden button to wear the entire time I was at the DNC. (The hilarious “Once You Vote Black You Never Go Back” Obama-Biden button was a hard souvenir to find).

It was a surreal sight to see white liberals, Blacks, Hispanics, and other NAMs swoon over such illustrious individuals as Jesse Jackson, Rep. John Lewis, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews (as he waddled through the concourse to the media suites), all making a living by promoting an agenda that must frankly be described as anti-white.

I fitted in more easily at the GOP Convention. But  it was painfully obvious that Conservatism Inc. has already capitulated to the idea that that a majority-minority America is an inevitability, and that the Republicans must appease it—and certainly that it dare not implement what VDARE.com calls the “Sailer Strategy” and appeal to its own (white) base.

Pathetically, the Beltway-friendly Daily Caller complained that MSNBC cut-away from showing the speeches of some of the non-white speakers at the GOP Convention. But the plain fact is that the Republicans would have gladly showcased a complete non-white lineup of speakers if they could have fielded one.

It was impossible to watch the speeches of Condoleezza Rice, congressional candidate Mia Love and former Democratic Alabama Congressman Artur Davis at the GOP Convention, and to see the Obama-exceeding homage with which they were greeted, without realizing that they were there addressing the “Ocean of Whiteness” precisely because they were seen as an olive branch to the non-white community that might erase virtual monolithic support President Obama has among his people:

…Obama continues to lead Romney among key parts of his political base, including African Americans (94 percent to 0 percent), Latinos (by a 2-to-1 margin), voters under 35-years-old (52 percent to 41 percent) and women (51 percent to 41 percent).

Romney is ahead with whites (53 percent to 40 percent), rural voters (47 percent to 38 percent) and seniors (49 percent to 41 percent). [NBC/WSJ poll: Heading into conventions, Obama has four-point lead, NBC, August 21, 2012]

At the Tampa Bay Times Forum, where police, National Guardsmen, Secret Service officers, and other security forces seemed to outnumber those employees who work downtown 10-1, I had the dubious honor of watching Conservatism Inc.’s last stand: the nomination of Gov. Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan, both candidates gleefully supported by the nexus of non-profits in Washington D.C. and their supporting cast of Beltway wonks anxious to fill a Romney White House.

In contrast, watching Vice President Joe Biden deliver an incredibly populist speech at the DNC a week later—much of which I found myself agreeing with, appreciating that he was making an appeal to the white working class—I realized that Romney and Ryan had both avoided mentioning Attorney General Eric “My People” Holder, Fast and Furious, and immigration, following the accommodating preferences of the Beltway Right and Conservatism Inc.

It’s “all-in” move by a desperate Republican Party hoping to avoid all mention of social issues and win on a platform of… of… of… what exactly?

The reason the United States of America is in so much trouble is because one of its political parties—the “Generic American Party” that that the historic American majority believes defends its interests—has decided the noblest goal imaginable is promoting every non-white to positions of influence who professes a belief in tax-cuts for millionaires and the “invade the world, invite the world” mentality.

This is the result of the two-party oligopoly that we live under: both Democrats and Republicans seem united in ensuring that every community, school, city, and state resembles the Star Wars Bar Scene—while the history of the United States is more akin to the movie’s triumphal homogeneous ending.

America may not be better off after four years of Barack Obama. But more importantly, it won’t be better off, as a nation, four years from now—regardless if Obama or Romney is elected.

The Democratic Party is happy sheltering the disparate groups united in their hatred of the majority race, although at any moment (and in the end inevitably) the various groups could engage in huge bar brawl.

On the other hand, the Conservatism Inc. stewards of the GOP, although funded by money that pours in from elderly white people who remember the near-homogenous country of their youth, have completely surrendered to the notion that America is destined to become a second Brazil.

For the historic American nation, both agendas are the equivalent of the Death Star.

Paul Kersey[Email him] is the author of the blog SBPDL, and has published the books SBPDL Year OneHollywood in Blackface andEscape From Detroit.

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