Reporting Illegal Aliens: The Spanish-Speaking Stripper (And Other Hispanic Heroes)
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As a VDARE.COM columnist and proprietor of, I get hate e-mail in Spanish and broken English. 

But for every curse-filled rant from Aztlan that pollutes my in-box, I get ten times as many requests from people wanting to turn in illegal aliens . . . in Spanish.

At VDARE.COM, we provide a "how to" guide to reporting illegal aliens in English and Spanish. But we sadly tell our readers that we have no special secret powers to get aliens deported.  Our friendly disclaimer:

"Please do not send illegal alien reports to or its writers, as we can only refer you back to this same information anyhow."

Nevertheless, the citizen requests to report illegal aliens keep coming.  D.A. King tells me he gets them every day.  Public distress is palpably rising.

And that emphatically includes distress among Hispanics.

Clearly, there is some real but silent percentage – if not a silent majority – of Spanish-speakers who actually want immigration law enforcement in the United States.

Imagine that, Treason Lobby!

My conclusion: Contrary to popular media myth, there are plenty of real live people out there with the will to enforce our immigration laws . . . and they're ready to help the federal government get the deportation ball rolling.

Which stands as yet another piece of evidence contradicting the Bush Administration's "Hispandering" amnesty strategy.  Spanish-speakers and people with Spanish surnames DO NOT all want illegal aliens in the United States.

In fact, they're more than willing to report illegal aliens to the authorities . . . if the federal government would only let them.

Here, unedited, is a sample of some recent reports from Hispanics I've received via e-mail:

  • From:  —— Soto

    Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2005

    "We have a lot of aliens here in —— and ——, Illinois.  How do we get rid of those who are working without a social security card or legal papers?"

  • From:      —— Brizuela

    Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005

    "Here is the information you need for this person. She is a divorce female with two children she constantly leaves unattended and alone, just to go out with her male friends. The children have had several "Accidents" due to her inattention.

    Here is her information:
    NAME: Elizabeth M———
    WORK ADDRESS: McDonald's [address supplied]
    HOURS @ WORK:  4:30am to 1:00pm
    weight: [supplied]
    eyes: [supplied]
    hair: [supplied]

    "I really believe the children should be taken away from her, and she should be sent back to her homeland.  I appreciate your assistance in this matter."

  • From:      —— Gomez

    Subject:  Illegal Aliens in ——, New Hampshire
    Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005

    "I want to report a group of three illegal aliens who are living in ——, New Hampshire.  They arrived to the United States, five years ago, since that, this is only a continue production of danger because they drive very fast all time, and they are very noisy.  I've contacted a detective in ——, he told me that he called the INS, but he hasn't receive answer from it.  I want to know if you can help me.

    "Here is the complete information of the illegal aliens: [names, address, phone number supplied]

    "Please tell me as soon as possible if I can send you some picture of them, but we want to stop that situation now. Thank You."

  • From: [Withheld]

    Subject: Denuncia!!

    Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005

    "Hay un club de stripers en el ESTADO DE NEW JERSEY, en la CIUDAD DE RAHWAY con el nombre de BREATHLESS GENTLEMAN CLUB al cual en horas de la noche 9 pm llegan vans llenas de mujeres ilegales.  Son alrededor de unas 20 a 25 de estas.  Yo se todo esto ya que yo trabaje en el mismo, lugar del cual fui despedida.para darle mi puesto a otra.  Yo soy una ciudadana que paga impuestos y considero injusto que me quiten mi trabajo para darselo a otras mujeres las cuales lo unico que hacen es hacer dinero y no pagar taxes.  Hay casos de muchachas que no llevan ni un mes en el pais y ya estan trabajando.  Por favor investiguen.  Gracias."

    [VDARE.COM TRANSLATION: if it looks rough or inaccurate, it's because it was done by Google Language Tools.]

    "There is a strip club of in the STATE OF NEW JERSEY, the CITY OF RAHWAY with the name of BREATHLESS GENTLEMAN'S CLUB at which at 9 p.m. every night arrive vans full of illegal women.  They are around 20 to 25 of these.  I know all this since I worked in the same place, where I was fired in order to give my position to another one.  I am a citizen who pays taxes and I consider unjust that they take my work to give it to me to other women who the only do it to make money and not to pay taxes.  There are cases of neither girls who have not been a month in this country and are working.  Please investigate.  Thanks."

Juan Mann [send him email] is a lawyer and the proprietor of

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