Race Realism And The Jews
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My story is vastly different than that of other American Jews. As a (legal!) immigrant from the former Soviet Union, I have a totally different perspective. I am proud to be a European-American and openly recognize the superiority of Western Civilization. This has made many American Jews consider me at best an intolerant off-the-boat Archie Bunker and at worst a crazed hater. The fact that I am vehemently against illegal immigration and support Tom Tancredo only makes things worse.

On several occasions in my academic career, I found myself to be the only student in the class who stood up for white Americans or the West against idiotic anti-white vitriol. While other people my age read Chomsky and Fanon, I read Pat Buchanan and Peter Brimelow. I still remember a professor blanching and gasping when I told him that Pat Buchanan's Death of the West is one of my favorite books. He actually said: "Pat Buchanan is the Devil, Eugene!!!"

But there is a new development in American race relations: an increase in the racial realism of American Jews.  I find myself in the company of a growing number of American Jews who are fed up with the mainstream, don't consider "white" an epithet, and are proud of being a part of our great Western Civilization.

Previous generations of American Jews viewed racially conscious whites as an enemy and wholeheartedly identified with the post- and anti-white mainstream. But the current generation of American Jews remembers, not Mississippi Civil Rights martyr Andrew Goodman, but the 1991 Crown Heights pogrom —reminiscent of the bloodbaths in czarist Russia because of the authorities'—in this case, New York City's black mayor David Dinkins'—negligence and sympathy for the attackers.

After all, it is a plain fact, which even the Anti-Defamation League does not dare to deny, that Blacks are the most anti-Jewish group in America after American Muslims. The only openly anti-Semitic press in this country is the Black press: (Amsterdam News, City Sun, WLIB radio). The largest anti-Semitic organization in America, the Nation of Islam, is a Black organization.

The most famous and brilliant racially realist Jew in today's America is undoubtedly Rabbi Mayer Schiller.  The author of several books on Jewish observance and theology and American conservatism, Rabbi Schiller is one of the most fascinating figures on the American Right.  Born Craig Schiller to liberal and non-observant American Jewish parents in the Queens neighborhood of Rego Park, the future Talmudic scholar and right-wing intellectual became politically conservative at the age of twelve and religiously observant at the age of fifteen, after joining the Skver movement of Hasidism.

Rabbi Schiller has been a figure in American conservative circles for a long time. In 1978, he wrote the seminal book, The (Guilty) Conscience of a Conservative, which predicted the Reagan presidency. Subsequently, the Skver leader published dozens of articles in the National Review (when it was still conservative) and other conservative journals. Rabbi Schiller's views have also been influenced by the French New Right.

Rabbi Schiller argues in favor of racial separatism and the preservation of European and European-American culture and identity, which the Rabbi passionately loves.  In an article on this topic, the Rabbi states that "group identity is a fundamental need of all men" and "Europeans, White people and those attached to traditional faiths and lifestyles of the West are told by the powers-that-be that they alone among mankind's tribes are forbidden to have or even articulate a collective identity." [Bigotry and Racism: Beyond The Cliches]

In an email to me, Rabbi Schiller says he believes that "we must allow for self determination for all peoples, including those of the Third World."

But there is also "a strong tragic sense" to Rabbi Schiller's thinking—he tells me that he believes that the West is doomed and "the game is essentially over."      

In the late 1980s, Rabbi Schiller established contacts with members of Britain's National Front, a far right party that had been quite successful in the 1970s, but was then undergoing internal turmoil.  Patrick Harrington, one of the leaders of the National Front, split from the organization soon after meeting Rabbi Schiller and formed a new political party called The Third Way (UK).  Some say it was because of Rabbi Schiller's influence that Harrington abandoned the anti-Semitism of the National Front and condemned neo-Nazism. Schiller has also met with Nick Griffin, leader of the British National Party, which has also recently been trying to shed its anti-Semitic reputation.

However, Rabbi Schiller became truly famous after appearing at the first American Renaissance Conference in 1994 Jared Taylor's intellectual White nationalist organization, American Renaissance has become a beacon for racially realist American Jews.  At the 1994 Conference, four out of the ten speakers were Jewish, and Rabbi Schiller surprised and charmed the audience. Even openly anti-Jewish White nationalists defer to the Rabbi's intellectual luminosity, spiritual strength, and personal courage.  

Predictably, Rabbi Schiller's racial realism brought down the wrath of his superiors at Yeshiva University HS where he teaches subjects ranging from Talmud to American history.  For about a decade now, under pressure from his politically-correct bosses, the Rabbi cannot publicly discuss his racial views.

Another prominent racially realist Jew is Robert Weissberg, retired professor of political science at the University of Illinois-Champaign/Urbana and senior member of the National Association of Scholars. Known both for his intellectual firepower and a wonderful sense of humor, Weissberg delivered a speech explaining the Jews' support for Blacks and Black causes at the 2000 AR Conference. ["The Relationship Between Blacks and Jews," available here.] He argued that even though American Jews are largely intimidated, scared, and disgusted by Blacks, so many of them support Black (read: anti-White) causes because they have a compulsive and irrational fear of white Christians (especially if those white Christians assert their racial and cultural identity) and the American Right as a whole ("[to most Jews] the Right, however misdirected, still means anti-Semitic kookdom and little else "). Only Orthodox Jews (and Jewish immigrants from the former USSR), notes Weissberg, are free of this bizarre and tragically dangerous apprehension

However, Professor Weissberg sees the end of American Jews' "abnormal infatuation" with Blacks and the coming death of the "passionate alliance" between the two groups. The Jewish love affair with blacks—held together by Jewish money and Jewish fear of white gentiles—is coming to an end after the latter partner has been viciously abusive and ungrateful.

Mike Berman's story is tragically typical of previous generations of American Jews—but also shows that American Jews' views on race are drastically changing. A "red-diaper-baby" who marched with Martin Luther King, Berman says he has realized that "[MLK's] dream became our nightmare."

Two of Berman's sisters were raped by Black men—one inside the locker room of City College. Even though the prosecutor said "it was an open-and-shut case," the trial ended in a hung jury because of the refusal of Black jurors to convict. The rapist appeared in one of her classes during the next semester. Before the trial began, another Black criminal slashed her throat and attempted to rape her in the elevator.

Berman himself has been repeatedly victimized by Black criminals, and as a teacher at George W. Wingate High School in Brooklyn—the city's first deliberately-integrated high school—was the target of anti-Semitic slurs and threats of violence. In an article he wrote for American Renaissance, describing his "racial education," Mike Berman aptly defines integration as the period from when the first black moves in until the last white moves out. In the same article, he describes various chilling incidents like the "Day of the Knives" when the Black students attacked and intimidated the White students en masse in a carefully planned pogrom. [I Was A Red-Diaper Baby, May 2003, (scroll down)]

All of these experiences made Berman a racial realist by the 1980s, much to the surprise and anguish of his family. As Berman himself states, "It has not been easy for me as a New York Jew, embracing the views that I do. I am regarded as a pariah when I express myself." That is the typical story of American Jews who are racial realists.

(Of course, race realist Jews don't always have an easy time with other race realists either. Because Berman believes that Jared Taylor did not sufficiently distance himself from David Duke, who was allowed to attend and ask a question at the last AR Conference, he and others are currently organizing a new breakaway group, to be called the Realist Foundation.)

Things are rapidly changing especially quickly on the college campuses of New York City. The presence of large numbers of racially realist Jews from the former Soviet Union, responsible for standing up to Black and Hispanic hoodlums in south Brooklyn and central Queens, make some gatherings of Jewish students seem like AR conferences. Also, the threat of black violence looms over Jewish neighborhoods like Crown Heights, Borough Park, Flatbush, Midwood, and Rego Park.

This is the beginning of a change in attitudes among American Jews. The sooner it takes place, the better for all of us.

Eugene Girin [email him] immigrated legally from the Republic of Moldova in 1994 at the age of 10. He is a student at CUNY Baruch College and has been published by VDARE.COM, Front Page Magazine, and other websites.

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