Presidential Candidate RFK Jr. Must Acknowledge Immigration Sins Of Kennedy Dynasty
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After Florida Governor Ron DeSantis dropped out of the GOP presidential race and endorsed Donald J. Trump, some of his anti-Trump supporters were muttering about the independent candidacy of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

From’s point of view, Kennedy has actually  said sensible things on immigration. Kennedy advocates a policy he calls “Tall Fences, Wide Gates,” a wiggle room position that falls short of a moratorium, but is vastly superior to that of any other Democrat in the country. On Boxing Day, he posted a video of himself standing at what is left of the Southern Border fence declaring: “I will make the border impermeable to illegal immigration.” However, if he is going to call for anything resembling an America First immigration policy, then he must acknowledge the Kennedy family’s decades long contribution to the nation-breaking crisis that now afflicts us.

Yes, I know. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has never held elected office before. He has no voting record, therefore, we cannot really hold him responsible for the actions of his relatives.

Unfortunately for Kennedy, the situation is not that simple. Let me explain.

During election season, we occasionally encounter candidates who try to build credibility by invoking the achievements of their forebears, as if the credit for those achievements, however genuine, should somehow also belong to them. For example, John McCain continually invoked the dedicated military careers of his father and grandfather which further enabled him to conceal his own career of personal and national betrayal. In 2012, Mitt Romney released a presidential campaign ad citing his father’s public support for the Civil Rights Movement (even though George Romney actually moved Mitt and his siblings out of Detroit in 1953 when the city’s black population ballooned overnight).

In most families, of course, everyone does not think alike. But this is not really true in political families, where individual members are largely indistinguishable from each other. Whether it is the Bushes or the Romneys or the Daleys or the Browns, political families generally walk in lockstep and read from the same prepared script.

This brings us to the Kennedys.

On the campaign trail, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is quick to invoke his uncle and father’s achievements when making a political point. He does this most effectively when he cites Jack’s steadfast resistance to the Military Industrial Complex, which obviously appeals to many of us on the Dissident Right who oppose the Invade the World policies of the American Ruling Class.

The problem for Robert F. Kennedy Jr., however, is that while President Kennedy may not have believed in Invading the World, for over half a century he and his relatives have certainly been dedicated to Inviting it.

In 1958, John F. Kennedy published a lengthy essay entitled “A Nation of Immigrants” for the Anti-Defamation League. He later developed the essay into a book which was published a year after his death. The overall premise of the book is that America’s immigration policy was then inherently discriminatory and needed to be overhauled in order for it to be more “humane.” Many credit A Nation of Immigrants for building support for the eventual passage, after his death, of the 1965 Hart-Celler Act, which his brothers strongly supported.

In fact, Robert F. Kennedy Sr. testified before Congress on behalf of Hart-Celler when he served as Attorney General and subsequently voted for it when he became a member of the Senate. You can see Robert Kennedy smiling widely in the famous photo of President Lyndon Johnson signing the legislation in New York City. 

Ted Kennedy was actually a Senate floor manager for Hart-Celler and he and RFK Sr. both falsely promised that the legislation would not substantially alter the America’s demographics. Ted even dismissed criticisms of the legislation as “highly emotional, irrational, and with little foundation in fact.”

It was all a liea lie that Kennedy politicians have continued to serve for over half a century. Indeed, besides Ted three other Kennedys have served in Congress over the last 50 years and they have all earned career Fs from NumbersUSA on immigration.

It stands to reason, therefore, that if Robert F. Kennedy is going to claim vicarious credit for the contributions his father and uncle made to the country, then he must also acknowledge the Kennedy family’s role in the demographic revolution that continues to undermine it.

Robert Kennedy can certainly do this without throwing his uncle and father under the bus because it is quite possible that Jack and Bobby participated in a treason that they did not recognize as such. If you read A Nation of Immigrants, it is certainly naive, but not quite revolutionary. It does not contain significant anti–Historic American Nation malice, but it does express the ethnic inferiority complex common among that generation of Boston Irish, (though much of it was ghostwritten by Kennedy aide Meyer Feldman). Jack and Bobby were, like many of their generation, largely naive on demographics.

Certainly, John F. Kennedy understood the costs associated with the policy of Invading the World. In fact, RFK Jr. claims that he wants to revive the Pax Americana policy President Kennedy outlined in his famous speech at American University, which called for a more restrained foreign policy by seeking cordial relations with the Soviet Union, and limits on nuclear proliferation. Some even speculate that this speech may have gotten him killed.

However, John F. Kennedy did not then understand that you can’t oppose “Invade the World” while also advocating “Invite the World.” They are two tips of the same Globalist spear.

It is no coincidence that the war against the Historic American Nation shifted into higher gear after the murder of President Kennedy. Within three days of the assassination, President Lyndon Johnson would reverse Kennedy’s more cautious foreign policy by aggressively increasing troop levels in Vietnam. The following year Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act which, whatever its positive intentions, initiated a federal bureaucratic machine designed to micromanage the daily behavior of white Americans. And then in 1965 Johnson signed Hart-Celler, which made it easier for the Third World to immigrate en masse. At that point, the Ruling Class policy of Invade the World/Invite the Worldand the Anarcho-Tyranny that always accompanies itwas firmly in place.

It appears, therefore, that RFK Jr. understandsat least partially—what the previous generation of Kennedys did not. His campaign website features informative videos that explore the border crisis in vivid detail. Moreover, Kennedy also correctly identifies the border crisis as not an accidental crisis, but a deliberately manufactured crisisa crisis our Ruling Class desires, which is why he vows to close the American border on day one of his presidency.

Moreover, Robert F. Kennedy is especially wise to the machinations of the Deep Stateand we should all know by now that public health is a Deep State operation. It takes serious courage to sit for a live interview and claim that elements of the Deep State assassinated both your uncle and your father. No other Kennedy has demonstrated such courage.

At any rate, it is a tremendous victory for immigration patriots to have a Kennedy convert, even to a degree, to our cause. However, no conversion is genuine if the convert does not acknowledge the errors of his previous ways.

Robert F. Kennedy may not be individually responsible for the errors of his kinsmen, but he cannot plausibly claim vicarious credit for their achievements without acknowledging the nation-breaking impact of the immigration policies they advocated for more than half a century.

If Robert F. Kennedy cannot do that, then he does not deserve to be President of the United States.

Matthew Richer (email him) is a writer living in Massachusetts. He is the former American Editor of Right NOW magazine.

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