Peter Morrison Report: Stockman vs. Cornyn =Texas vs. Mexifornia?
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In a few short weeks, Texans will cast their primary votes for the US Senate race, and this will be one of the most important elections in our state's history.  That's because 2014 is shaping up to be a very important year in politics for both Texas and the entire country. 

Obamacare has now become the law of the land, and tens of millions of people have been shocked to discover the devastating impact this socialist abomination is going to have on their health and their pocketbook, all in the name of helping the "poor and underprivileged."  In addition, we're seeing yet another big push for Amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, disguised as "immigration reform."

Who we choose to send to the Senate this fall may well determine how both these issues play out. John Cornyn is our current Senator who's up for re-election, but he's being challenged in the primary by Rep. Steve Stockman. 

If conservatives want to have any chance of repealing Obamacare or stopping Amnesty in its tracks, we need to send John Cornyn packing, and replace him with Rep. Stockman.  While John Cornyn has a conservative voting record on some issues, when it comes to illegal immigration and Amnesty, he has been either missing in action or actively working against conservatives.

Not long ago, newly-elected Senator Ted Cruz made a valiant effort to prevent Obamacare from being funded. Instead of supporting him in his efforts, John Cornyn opposed him—he actually worked behind the scenes to encourage other Republican Senators to shut down the filibuster.  [Exclusive–Source: McConnell, Cornyn Whipping Votes Against Ted Cruz, by Matthew Boyle, Breitbart, September 23, 2013]

There's simply no excuse for this betrayal.  Ted Cruz knew that our freedom to make our own choices when it comes to health care was at stake, and he took a stand to preserve that freedom.  Instead of fighting for our freedom right beside Ted Cruz, John Cornyn did everything he could to sabotage his courageous stand.

As a result of Cornyn's betrayal, America may be stuck with Obamacare. A lot of people are hoping to see it overturned when a new Congress comes in, but that's a real long shot.  It's possible it might happen, but it will be an uphill battle.

One thing's for sure—we won't be able to count on John Cornyn to take the lead in repealing Obamacare. Texans need two Senators who are committed to doing everything they can to repeal Obamacare. If Steve Stockman is elected, he'll stand with Ted Cruz, not sabotage him.

Illegal immigration is the other looming battle, and it's even more important than Obamacare.  Make no mistake—when politicians and the media talk about "immigration reform", they're talking about Amnesty for 15-20 million illegal aliens.

If "immigration reform" passes, Texas will go the way of California.  California used to be one of the most conservative states in the country, but thanks to the Amnesty of 1986, the largest state in the country is now a permanent Democrat stronghold. [ disagrees]. If we have another Amnesty, the millions of newly minted voters could ensure that Texas becomes majority Democrat in just a few short years.

We're currently seeing a huge push for Amnesty. According to several media reports, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and other GOP "leaders" are currently working behind the scenes to grease the skids for passage of an Amnesty bill.  GOP leaders seem to think their job isn't to represent the conservative voters who voted for them, but to create millions of new Democrats who will vote for the likes of Charles Schumer, Barbara Boxer, and Harry Reid. 

To make matters worse, big business groups in Texas and across the country are pouring tens of millions of dollars into promoting "mainstream" Republican candidates. To these groups, conservatives like you and me are called "wackos" and "extremists". They want Republican politicians who will roll over on the Amnesty issue, because they like the cheap labor illegal immigration provides.

Another Amnesty could be the end of the America we know and love. It's difficult enough for conservatives to get elected now. Add millions of new voters that overwhelmingly support liberal policies and in even more of the country it will become impossible to elect a conservative leader.

It's also no exaggeration to say that John Cornyn is doing nothing to slow down this massive push for Amnesty, let alone stop it. If the Amnesty issue were really important to him, he would be going all out to stop it. He would be calling out John Boehner and Eric Cantor and the rest of the go along to get along Republicans. He would be making speeches and giving media interviews spelling out exactly what Amnesty will mean for America, and how it could be the death knell of limited government.

Instead, he's silent on the issue.  He's not about to rock the boat, because liberals might get the idea he's some sort of "extremist."

That's why the Mainstream Media loves John Cornyn and are running attack pieces on Steve Stockman.  They know that while John Cornyn may give lip service to opposing Amnesty and Obamacare, his heart isn't in these fights.  In the end, they know he can be counted on not to mount any real opposition to their agenda.

That's also why they hate Steve Stockman—they know he really means the things he says, and he'll go to the mat for conservative Texans.

Having Steve Stockman and Ted Cruz representing Texas in the Senate would be every liberal's nightmare. That's the reason the media is treating Rep. Stockman the same way they've treated Sheriff Joe Arpaio, former Congressman Tom Tancredo, and Arizona governor Jan Brewer. Anyone who is serious about stopping the invasion of America by illegals is attacked and ridiculed pretty much non-stop, while the media gives "respectable" conservatives like Cornyn the kid glove treatment.

For conservative Texans who want to defeat Obamacare and Amnesty, the choice is clear: Steve Stockman for Senator.  Yes, he's an underdog, but so was Ted Cruz when he announced he was running for the Senate. Few thought he had any chance of defeating David Dewhurst, who was the overwhelming favorite.

Conservative Texans had other ideas, though, and we came out in force and turned the race upside down. We can do it again.

In one poll, Texans supported a generic Tea Party candidate over John Cornyn.

Steve Stockman is that Tea Party candidate.

Peter Morrison (email him) is a businessman living in Lumberton, Texas with his wife and four children.He says "I believe deeply in the principles of limited constitutional government, the sanctity of life and that our state and nation should be run under Thomas Jefferson's principle of ‘Equal Rights for All, Special Privileges for None.’" This article is from his free newsletter, which features commentary about current events of interest to Texans—sign up here, or go to

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