A Concerned Reader Reports That Steve Stockman Is Being Vilified With Treason Lobby Money
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From: A Concerned Reader [Email him]

I thought you might want to know that John Cornyn is being backed in his primary fight with Rep. Steve Stockman by a PAC with ties to deceased Amnesty supporter Bob Perry.

Cornyn allies launch “Shady Stockman” barrage with Bob Perry $

By Todd J. Gillman, Dallas Morning News, December 17, 2013

WASHINGTON — A Texas SuperPAC with close ties to Sen. John Cornyn is launching a “Shady Stockman” social media campaign to spotlight ethical questions dogging Rep. Steve Stockman, the senator’s top rival in the March primary.

The political action committee, Texans for a Conservative Majority, has plenty of funds to bolster Cornyn, thanks to a $2 million donation last spring from Houston home builder Bob Perry.

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James Fulford writes: Bob Perry, a Texas homebuilder (i.e. a major employer of cheap labor) was a billionaire who was willing to spend his money lobbying to make himself more money. See Patrick Cleburne’s 2011 post about Texas plutocrats here. Washington Watcher’s article about him was called The Slave Power In Action: Billionaire GOP Donor Bob Perry (Deceased) Supported Amnesty That Would Make Him Richer. Perry died in April, but his money carries on.

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