Memo From Middle America | Stop The Presses—MRC And Heritage Foundation Discover That Hispanic Media Is Liberal!
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In the midst of the ongoing Republican hysteria over the ever-elusive Hispanic vote, an important Discovery has been made by the Media Research Center and the Heritage Foundation.

These organizations have discovered that—get ready for this—the Hispanic media is liberal!

Who would have thought that! Now we know why Hispanics—who are really natural conservatives, we’ve been assured again and again—vote overwhelmingly for the Democrats. They really want to vote for the GOP, but they’ve been bamboozled by the sinister liberal Hispanic media.

Let’s see what each of these organizations has to say about it. Let’s start with the Heritage Foundation. That’s the same organization that tossed Jason Richwine under the bus, remember?

Foundation fellow Israel Ortega explains it in his piece entitled Why the Hispanic Media Are Biased and What to Do About It, March 31, 2014).

Ortega talks a lot about Jorge Ramos of Univision. In the fourth paragraph he reveals that Ramos is a liberal:

The following and respect Ramos commands reveals one of the challenges for communicating with Hispanics (America’s youngest and fastest-growing demographic): Ramos is decidedly liberal.
Not to brag or anything, but here at VDARE.COM we’ve been reporting on ole Jorge for years. Click here for the VDARE.COM archive on Jorge Ramos.

By the way, our biggest beef with Jorge Ramos is not that he is a “liberal” but his campaign to Hispanicize the United States of America. Is Heritage’s Ortega concerned about that?

Ortega points out that “Hispanic media are hugely influential in shaping public opinion.” And another bullet point: “Hispanic media have a decidedly liberal bias.” So how did Ortega, Heritage’s Hispanic Point Man, discover this?

“After doing hundreds of interviews for Spanish-language radio and television, I have come to expect responses of frustration and disbelief when I mention the merits of the free market, the rule of law, and even religious freedom. Nonetheless, with a few exceptions, most of the anchors, producers, and journalists who have interviewed me have treated me with respect—even if it was clear by their questions and responses that they couldn’t disagree more with my conservative viewpoint.”
Ortega gives credit to the Media Research Center for pointing out the Hispanic media’s liberal bias, and Univision’s promotion of Obamacare.

Ortega’s solution, echoing the Media Research Center, is to engage—“engage with Hispanic media to better inform news reports and stories before they are disseminated.” And Ortega points out the existence of Heritage’s Spanish website

Ortega closes out his article with this bromide:

And given the rising influence of Hispanics in shaping politics and public policy, it would be perilous for conservatives to ignore Hispanic media.
As for the Media Research Center, its report shows the liberal bias of, specifically, Univision and Telemundo. It’s entitled Hispanic Media in the Balance, By Ken Oliver-Mendez & Rich Noyes, May 1, 2014 [PDF] and is subtitled: “How Univision and Telemundo News Coverage Favors Liberals, and What Needs to Be Done to Correct It”.

The MRC studied broadcasts of the two networks for four months and discovered “a marked leftward tilt in both networks’ news coverage, particularly in reporting U.S. domestic policy news…”

And, the MRC found that “In coverage of U.S. domestic policy… Democratic politicians and spokespeople for left-leaning/liberal advocacy organizations ….were quoted nearly three times as often as Republican politicians and spokespeople for conservative counterpart organizations ….”

Additionally: “None of the Obama administration’s various scandals ….were even once mentioned during this four month study.”

And, “Univision and Telemundo reporting featured advocates of ObamaCare over its conservative opponents by a margin of nearly five-to-one.”

And this is of special interest to VDARE.COM readers:

The top three U.S. domestic policy topics covered by both newscasts were immigration law enforcement, immigration reform legislation in Congress and ObamaCare. The majority (170, or 59%) of Univision and Telemundo’s 288 stories on these three issues tilted left/liberal. Only 21 stories (7%) tilted towards the right/conservative, while the 97 remaining stories were neutral or balanced.
Like Heritage, the Media Research Center now has its own Hispanic branch called MRC Latino.

Ok, it’s good that the MRC and Heritage are finally discovering this about the Hispanic media. Better late than never, I guess.

But why does the Hispanic media have a leftist bias?

Is it just an evil plot perpetrated by the Left to bamboozle Hispanics into voting for the Democrats?

Wait a minute, don’t Hispanics already vote overwhelmingly for the Democrats?

If they are truly conservative, how could they be fooled so easily?

It just doesn’t add up.

Is it possible that most Hispanics are….liberal?

After all, that’s what the polling and voting evidence would indicate. Hispanics vote for Democratic candidates. When polled, they express support for Big Government and gun control.

Consider, too, that the countries from which Hispanics originate, for the most part, are oriented toward centralism and Big Government. Most Hispanics don’t emigrate to the U.S. for “freedom”, or to become Americans, but for the money. Why would we expect them to change their ideologies?

Certainly, there is a minority of Hispanics who do support conservative principles, but all this Hispandering does nothing for them.

Notice too, that the Media Research Center and the Heritage Foundation, with all their criticism of the liberal Hispanic media, don’t seem to get the basic problem. The basic problem is the very existence of the U.S. Hispanic media. Why does it exist?

Do Hispanics have different outlooks and interests than other Americans?

If the answer is no, then why do they need their own media?

If the answer is yes, then maybe we ought to get those differences out in the open. Maybe all Americans, not just Hispanics, have a say in the future of this country.

Here in the United States of America, we have this huge Hispanic media, which caters to a growing segment of the population and impedes that group´s assimilation.

Have you noticed how, in recent years, the Hispanic media has gotten involved in our electoral process, hosting debates and interviewing candidates? And the candidates, including Republicans with the famous exception of Tom Tancredo when he ran for President, play right along—doing what they can to Hispander via the Hispanic media. They seek the approval of Hispanic media, while ignoring the interests of—and certainly not making explicit appeals to—the historic American nation.

The Hispanic media is an arm of the movement to Hispanicize our country.

Are the folks at MRC and Heritage going to deal with that hot potato?

American citizen Allan Wall (email him) moved back to the U.S.A. in 2008 after many years residing in Mexico. Allan's wife is Mexican, and their two sons are bilingual.  In 2005, Allan served a tour of duty in Iraq with the Texas Army National Guard. His VDARE.COM articles are archived here; his articles are archived here ; his News With Views columns are archived here; and his website is here.


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