Memo From Middle America | Obamnesty Not Approved By Congress? No Problem, It’s Been Approved by Mexico And Central America!
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The hapless Republican Congress may not know what to do about Barack Obama’s unilateral Amnesty, but the governments of Mexico and Central America are already moving to take advantage.

Only a few minutes after Obama’s speech, the Mexican Foreign Ministry had already released a statement on its website entitled: México Da La Bienvenida A Medidas Administrativas Que Beneficiarán A Mexicanos En Estados Unidos [Mexico Welcomes the Administrative Measures That Will Benefit Mexicans in the United States, SRE Comunicado 532, November 20, 2014]

The Mexican government explicitly welcomed Obama’s action because of the perceived benefit to its own citizens:

The government of Mexico, through the Secretariat of Foreign Relations (SRE) welcomes the administrative measures in migration announced….by the government of the United States that has the potential to benefit a significant number of Mexicans in that county and improve their opportunities, as well as their dignity and certainty. This decision will permit the increase of the substantial contributions of Mexicans to the economy and society of the United States.
And Mexico’s statement also contained a warning to the United States
In respect to the announcement made in reference to border control, the government of Mexico will be attentive that its implementation respect the security and human rights of the migrants.
Emphasis added.

The Mexican government statement invited “the Mexican community in the United States” to get more information from Mexico’s 50 consulates in the U.S.A. It provides an 800 phone number and promises to “continue offering assistance and consular protection to all Mexicans, regardless of their migratory condition.”

So whatever Barack Obama’s claims, the government of Mexico certainly understands that these “migrants” aren’t becoming Americans by any definition.

You would think Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto would have his plate full with the Iguala Massacre (in which Mexican police and gang hitmen attacked and killed students, then disappeared 43 others) and a domestic political scandal. Violence is rampant in Mexico and well over two-thirds of Mexicans report they feel unsafe.

Nonetheless, Pena Nieto has found the time to call the Amnesty “an act of justice” and gave orders to Mexico’s consular network to help illegals. [ 'Un acto de justicia', medidas migratorias en EU: EPN, El Universal, November 21, 2014]

Central America also responded quickly to the Obamnesty, dependent as those countries are on remittances from the U.S.

The Honduran presidential office released a statement declaring:

The government of Honduras salutes the announcement of the President of the United States, Barack Obama… which will benefit hundreds of thousands of Hondurans…. The decision will benefit Honduras and tens of thousands of families, as it will permit that Hondurans residing in the United States and with children born on U.S. soil can benefit from the relief and have permission of temporary residence and that they will not be subject to deportation for three years.

Latin America applauds Obama’s immigration plan, Associated Press November 22, 2014

Emphasis added.

Note this reference to the Anchor Baby loophole, gleefully exploited by Latin Americans seeking to flee their own countries, and by corrupt governments exporting their problem populations.

Needless to say, while Latin Americans know full well about abusing birthright citizenship, American politicians (including Republicans) are pretending the problem doesn’t exist.

Indeed, nowadays, even Latin Americans repeat the Obama-certified “nation of immigrants” nonsense for their own benefit:

We share the words of President Obama that the United States is a “nation of immigrants”…..the migrants drive the economy of the great Nation of the North.
Yet while the Honduran government is undoubtedly happy with Obama’s Amnesty, it isn’t completely satisfied. It thinks Amnesty doesn’t go far enough:
This temporary relief is a great step in the right direction of the United States to resolve the migratory problem of 11 million persons and in this sense we exhort the Congress to resolve in a permanent manner this irregular situation, approving a profound and comprehensive migratory reform that will benefit and make more secure the United States. This decision will make the U.S. stronger and will send a powerful message of solidarity with Latin America and that Washington is really interested in making the already close relations stronger.

Honduras saluda y da la bienvenida al alivio migratorio concedido por el presidente Barack Obama, Government of Republic of Honduras, Nov. 21, 2014

Honduras is not alone. According to Voice of America:
Leaders across Central America were also quick to praise Obama's plan. But they urged U.S. lawmakers to approve a deeper reform to give lasting security to the millions of undocumented people in the United States.

[Mexico, Central America Hail Obama’s Immigration Reform, Voice of America, November 21, 2014]

At the same time, Latin American leaders coupled this demand with demands for more American money. VOA reported that the presidents of both Honduras and Guatemala “said both countries will need billions of dollars in U.S. aid and investment to stem the tide of migrants heading north.”

But it’s not surprising that the leaders of these three Central American countries have no qualms about making demands of the United States. Our leaders encourage it.

Thus six days before the Obama Amnesty Edict, Vice President Joe Biden met in Washington with presidents Otto Perez of Guatemala, Salvador Sanchez of El Salvador and Juan Orlando of Honduras. According to Breitbart:

…Biden promised that the White House would allow an expansion of the United States' refugee program to offer refugee status to children and young adults from Central America…Previous U.S. immigration policy included a program that allowed up to 4,000 people a year from Cuba and Columbia to apply for refugee status. The new policy, as described by Biden, would expand that program to people under age 21 from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras who already have a parent in the U.S. legally, to allow them to come and join their parents.


This means that if the parents have entered our country illegally, we now have to let the kids in.

It’s not just “Anchor Babies,” it’s “Anchor Parents”.

Each one of these expanding Amnesty programs has different nuances and subtleties. But the details don’t even really matter. The common denominator: they all facilitate illegal immigration and encourage more of it. The distinction between legal and illegal immigration has been all but abolished.

The push for an Amnesty/Immigration Surge isn’t just promoted by the financial, Main Stream Media, academic and religious elites in our own country. It’s strongly supported by the governments of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. All four of these countries have embassies in the U.S. and networks of consulates (Mexico 50, Guatemala 10, El Salvador 16, Honduras 11), meaning that we can expect foreign meddling.

But while Latin American countries are aggressively securing their national interests, our leaders seem hostile to their own people. Even the flag-waving Republicans have been utterly silent about foreign meddling in U.S. immigration policy.

Americans should demand from their leaders: if Guatemala, Honduras, and other self-interested states get to influence our immigration laws—why doesn’t the historic American nation?


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