Memo From Middle America | Mexican Presidential Candidate AMLO Meddling ON U.S. SOIL! Where Is Trump?
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Mexico has a presidential election in 2018 and right now the momentum is with Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, commonly known by his Spanish-style initials AMLO. He has a very specific platform about American immigration policy and the Mexican diaspora in the U.S. Moreover, he’s campaigning for these ideas on American soiland the Trump Administration is doing nothing about it.

AMLO is a Leftist even by Mexican standards. A determined fighter, he came in second in the 2006 and 2012 presidential elections and has a better chance to win in 2018. He has withdrawn from the major leftist party and formed a new political party (MORENAMovimiento de Regeneración Nacional) which now takes a quarter of the national vote in polls. Among presidential candidates, AMLO leads.

In a recent meeting, AMLO lectured President Trump and Secretary of Homeland Security John F. Kelly:

….to stop pursuing the migrants, that they respect human rights and that they do not attempt to resolve problems with the use of force, and don’t stick their noses into [the Mexican election of] 2018.

'EU debe aprender a respetar y a no meter las narices': AMLO [“The U.S. should learn to respect and not to meddle: AMLO] by Isabel Gonzalez, Excelsior, April 7th, 2017

Several days later, at a rally in Mexico City, AMLO repeated the warning, demanding “the United States not meddle in affairs that only concern Mexicans” such as their election.

But while AMLO demands we not meddle in Mexico’s affairs, he is openly meddling in ours. He is making regular forays into the United States, stirring up the Mexican community and even attempting to make alliances with political forces in our country.

Consider AMLO’s Los Angeles speech of February 12th at the Plaza Olvera. You can read the text of his speech in Spanish here (also photos) And the AMLO website has helpfully provided a translation:

The current anti-migrant campaign is not simply a matter of an economic nature, it is essentially a political interest. A group is taking advantage of the nationalistic sentiment that remains here and in other parts of the world….Donald Trump and his advisors have gained from stirring up members in certain sectors of U.S. society against immigrants and, particularly, those of Mexican nationality. The discourse of hate and the viciousness against foreigners enabled them to win the presidency and they assume they are going to remain and be re-elected to government by feeding the hatred of some groups against others. [Links in speeches added by]
AMLO thus equates our laws with racism, and declares this on our own soil. He also plays the Holocaust card:
These smart though irresponsible neo-fascist people now in power want to build walls in order to turn the United States into a huge ghetto and compare Mexicans in general, and our migrant countrymen, specifically, with the Jewish people who were stigmatized and persecuted in Hitler’s era.
But if a Holocaust of Mexicans was imminent in the U.S., shouldn’t Mexican politicians be urging them to leave, not stay?

But AMLO said something interesting beyond these clichés. He wants to influence Trump supporters.

This is why, in light of such barbarity, we must not limit our actions to protests and denunciations in the international arena, but rather we must consider the task of information essential within the United States. It is here that we must stand up to the campaign of hatred and human rights violations. Particularly, we must entirely focus on those Americans of good will, and there are many, to make them see that they are being victims of manipulation and deceit. In other words, we must devote more time to Americans living in rural areas and small towns, the Americans that hold civic, moral and spiritual values and, nevertheless, live in hopelessness and are being poisoned with hate against migrant workers.
AMLO actually shows more understanding of the American economy—and more sympathy for working class whites—than many Republicans. He points out that Anglos have been losing the jobs and that Latin Americans and other minorities have been gaining them. That’s why, according to AMLO, Trump has been able to “poison” them with “hatred” of immigrants. What he’s proposing is international working class solidarity.

How much more meddlesome can you get?

Thanks, AMLO, but no thanks. Americans need to forge their own destiny, and we ought to let Mexicans do the same.

This address wasn’t AMLO’s only recent speech on American soil.

  • Chicago, February 20th. AMLO spoke at The Benito Juarez High School, named after a Mexican president. (Why?) He referred again to his solidarity plan, stating, “It is indispensable for us to communicate with the workers and middle classes of the United States.” He also spoke about Chicago’s 1886 Haymarket Affair, without mentioning the bomb which killed eight policemen and injured 65 other people. Instead, he used it to decry a “social climate of lynching” which was directed against those anarchists and apparently against “the migrants” here.
AMLO ended by screaming in Spanish: “Long live the Martyrs of Chicago! Long live the migrants! Long live the people of Mexico!” and finishing up with ¡Viva México! ¡Viva México! ¡Viva México!” Discurso de Andrés Manuel López Obrador, presidente del Comité Ejecutivo Nacional de MORENA en Chicago [“Speech of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador”], AMLO website, February 20, 2017].

On February 22nd, AMLO filmed a brief video in Chicago’s airport championing a “world without borders.”

  • El Paso, Texas. March 6th. AMLO made various promises about what he’d do in Mexico (end corruption, provide jobs, plant trees for both fruit and timber, develop tourism, construct refineries, guarantee prices for farm products, build highways, hospitals, schools and turn the U.S. –Mexico border into a prosperous and peaceful free zone).
Oh, and he also pledged to always defend the right of Mexicans to work anywhere in the world they want to. That’s where they want to work—not where Americans want them to work [Mensaje de Andrés Manuel López Obrador, presidente del Comité Ejecutivo Nacional de MORENA en El Paso, Texas, (Message from Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President of the National Executive Committee of MORENA in El Paso, Texas) AMLO website, March 6, 2017].
  • Phoenix, Arizona March 7th. AMLO announced he was touring American cities “to show our support, our unconditional backing to our paisanos migrantes.…to form a common front to confront the campaign of hate, the campaign against migrants, against foreigners, against Mexicans who have arrived to the U.S. to seek a living in an honored way…. they deserve all the respect and admiration, because they are exemplary human beings.” He also claimed the American economy “can’t be sustained without migrant workers…” There you go.
AMLO denounced Trump’s proposed border wall:
“We reject the erection of this monument, we reject the construction of the Wall of hypocrisy and cruelty, because we don’t want more families separated nor do we want more bones accumulated in the desert of Arizona…

“…It if it is constructed, that wall will not contain the passage of workers from one country to another, it will simply make it more dangerous than it already is…clearly it is a criminal idea.”

Funny how it’s become a “criminal idea” to stop lawbreaking.

Finally, AMLO said Trump voters had been deceived by “hate.”

 “We should insist on convincing the Americans, to convince the Americans who are blinded by the hate against the migrants…We should speak and speak with those who were deceived by Donald Trump until they reflect on the inhumanity that raising a wall implies to close the United States off… We have to explain, besides, that this grotesque wall will not resolve any of the problems that it attempts to solve, although it will produce much suffering. “Mensaje del presidente del Comité Ejecutivo Nacional de MORENA en Phoenix, Arizona, AMLO website, March 7, 2017
AMLO promised to use the 50 Mexican consulates in the U.S. to defend “the migrants” Aren’t they already?
“I celebrate that you all and hundreds of thousands of Mexicans are living and working in this city that has been, is and always will be a sanctuary of liberty and tolerance... We have come to express our most absolute support and our solidarity, you are not alone, migrants. We have undertaken a tour through the U.S. to defend the migrants, Mexicans and others, before the campaign of hate promoted by the new American government.”
Again, AMLO compared Trump to Hitler, suggesting Trump speaks about Mexicans “as Hitler and the Nazis referred to the Jews, right before undertaking the infamous persecution and abominable extermination of the Jewish brothers.” AMLO also criticized Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto, who “has permitted the insolence and the outrage of the U.S. president against our fellow Mexicans.”
  • Washington, D.C. March 15th. AMLO delivered a denunciation of Trump’s policies to the Organization of American States’ Interamerican Commission on Human Rights. After that, he was a guest at the National Press Club and sent a letter to the United Nations.
  • San Francisco, California March 20th AMLO spoke at the city’s Grand Theater, pledging, “Soon, very soon, sooner than later, there will be a rebirth of Mexico and the happiness of the people.”
He also denounced poverty in the United States, saying there are “45 million poor people… nearly 15% of its population.” That also takes chutzpah, as mass immigration is a contributing factor to this poverty. Apparently, we are also lagging other First World nations in education, health and happiness. Well, then don’t encourage Mexicans to come here! [Los problemas que aquejan a México y EU se resolverán cuando gobiernos superen desigualdad económica y social: AMLO, AMLO website, March 20, 2017’ Wouldn’t these be subversive organizations dedicated to breaking our laws and interfering with our independence?

It’s not like AMLO is concealing his intentions. He’s blatantly interfering with our sovereignty and promising to do more.

Of course, we’ve long known our political Establishment has no problem with Mexican meddling. But what is Donald Trump waiting for?

American citizen Allan Wall (email him) moved back to the U.S.A. in 2008 after many years residing in Mexico. Allan's wife is Mexican, and their two sons are bilingual. In 2005, Allan served a tour of duty in Iraq with the Texas Army National Guard. His VDARE.COM articles are archived here; his articles are archived here ; his News With Views columns are archived here; and his website is here.


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