Basking In The Trump Triumph
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Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election.  Just let that sink in .

Here at VDARE.COM we can’t endorse candidates.  But after an election is over, we can say it was a good thing that a particular candidate was elected.

Trump defied the odds and took on the establishment.  Trump was up against the political establishment (both major parties), the Mainstream Media, the Hollywood Left and the government of Mexico.  Yet Trump won, and it’s gratifying to see the comeuppance of the pundits who said he couldn’t do it, the Bush family and other anti-Trump Republicans and of course the Clinton Machine.

It’s great to think that we may have a few new Supreme Court justices who respect the Constitution, and that after twenty-five years we may recognize that the Cold War is over and get along with Russia.

Yes, I know things may not all turn out as planned.  We can’t foresee the future. And we need to be ready to put pressure on the next president if need be.

But for now we can bask in the Trump Triumph.

Issues we have been writing about here at VDARE.COM for years have reached the mainstream, as Trump has dared to bring them up as part of a campaign.

Trump has pledged a wall on the border, elimination of the anchor baby loophole, recognized the complicity of the Mexican government in our immigration disaster, pointed out that Islamic immigration may have something to do with terrorism and has even put not-to-be questioned legal immigration on the table.  And the Trump team-up with America’s Senator Jeff Sessions was a great match which could lead to greater things in the future.

The Trump Triumph shows us that an open immigration restrictionist can prevail politically.

Much remains to be done, but we can now rejoice in the Trump Triumph and what it may portend. Of course, we need to be vigilant and keep working to educate the public.

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And bask in the glow of the Trump Triumph.

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