Memo From Middle America| Loudmouth Latino Govts. Tell US To Veto Hanen
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Click to read the decisionMitch McConnell, the GOP Senate Majority Leader, has just indicated he will not use U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen’s dramatic decision to put a stay on the Obama Regime’s unilateral Amnesty as an excuse to renege on the promise to defund it in the DHS appropriation bill, as Democrats and the MSM (same thing really) had hoped [Don't count on McConnell to make a deal on immigration, by Alexander Bolton, The Hill, February 18, 2015]. But, just in case you wondered, the governments of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras have vetoed it—and are rallying their citizens illegally in the U.S. against it.

Hanen’s decision [read online] was handed down at 10:22 pm on the night of February 16th. By the very next day, these four countries had already registered their vetoes. And their vetoes count, because they have acquired a lot of say in U.S. immigration policy. And they are never criticized for meddling—least of all by congressional Republicans.

The Mexican foreign ministry (known as SRE for its initials in Spanish) blasted away at it in an official comunicado: El Gobierno De México Lamenta Suspensión Temporal De Medidas Migratorias. (SRE Comunicado, February 17, 2015). Some excerpts (links added; my translation):

The SRE laments the decision of the federal judge of the Southern District of Texas, Brownsville Division, to provisionally suspend the instrumentation of the amplified version of the [DACA program] and [the DAPA program]. ….the DACA program…has benefitted nearly a half million Mexican youths….
But don’t worry, Mexican illegals…
The Mexican embassy and the consular network in the United States will remain alert to this process and the development of the succeeding judicial stages…these programs signify a just migratory remedy for millions of families
The Mexican government told its Illegal alien citizens in the U.S. that they have a responsibility also:
The SRE calls upon the Mexican community to stay informed on the development of the process of review of this judicial decision by means of official sources, such as the 50 [Mexican] consulates [on U.S. soil.]
And there are plenty of ways for a Mexican illegal to get in touch with his Friendly Neighborhood Mexican Consulate.
They are invited to visit the installations of the nearest consulate, to call the Center of Information and Assistance to Mexicans (CIAM) which operates every day (1 855 463 6395); to download the free app for cell phones “miConsulmex”, to follow the official accounts of consular representations on social networks, and to be attentive to ….our consuls on radio and television.
And remember illegals, the Mexican foreign ministry is in your corner!….
…The SRE will continue facilitating the acquisition of documents and consular IDS, and the embassy and the consular network will redouble their efforts to provide information and opportune assistance to our fellow Mexicans, regardless of their [U.S.] migratory status.
In the august halls of the Mexican Congress, the Hanen decision was also lambasted.

After all, this is the Mexican Congress. If there is any legislative body in the world that speaks authoritatively on U.S. immigration policy, it’s the Mexican Congress, right?

One critic belonged to the Leftist PRD party, the other to the “conservative” PAN party. Regardless of where Mexican politicians fit on the political spectrum, they speak with one voice when it comes to blasting any gringo attempt to control immigration.

I mean, who does Judge Hanen think he is, anyway?

The PRD critic: Congressman Fernando Zarate,[Email him] chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee. Not only is the Hanen decision contrary to human rights, trumpeted Zarate, but “we demand” that the Obama administration work through the legal system to “revoke this decision immediately”.

Zarate also went after Texas. After all, the federal judge handed down his decision on Texas soil, so it must be Texas’ fault. Zarate called for sanctions against the state of Texas, as “una acción ejemplar”—an exemplary action, an example to other U.S. states who might consider getting out of line.

Texas has taken in millions of Mexicans and, in my view, been much too lenient with illegal immigration. No matter, in his anti-Texas fatwa Zarate declared

I consider it necessary that Mexico put a stop to abuses against Mexican migrants, committed principally in Texas [my emphasis], and that the U.S. president assume his responsibility regarding the commitment to the migrants.
My emphasis added. Does Obama have no commitment to the American people or his constitutional duties? I guess not.

PAN Congressman Ricardo Anaya proclaimed:

We profoundly lament this decision which has been taken, it seems to us to violate the rights of Mexicans that now reside in the U.S. and that have a right to a vida digna (dignified life) and with recognized rights.”

Obama debe defender plan migratorio: diputados, El Universal, February 17, 2015

Wait a minute, can these Mexicans not have a “vida digna” back in Mexico?

And it’s not just Mexico:

  • Guatemala:
“The government of Guatemala profoundly laments the resolution that suspends the entry into force of the migratory measures approved by the U.S. executive [AW: but not the U.S. Congress] that would benefit the Guatemalan community [AW: in the U.S.]

Lamenta Guatemala suspensión de medidas migratorias en EU, El Universal, February 17, 2015

Oh, by the way, Guatemala also has a consular network in the United States, and the foreign ministry promised it would continue to help Guatemalans illegally in the U.S.
  • El Salvador:
The Foreign Ministry expressed this Tuesday its concern with the decision of a federal judge in Texas to temporarily suspend the migratory measures driven by the president of the United States, Barack Obama.

El Salvador preocupado ante suspensión temporal de medidas migratorias de Obama, February 17, 2015

Now, don’t get the impression that the Salvadoran government is meddling:
The government of El Salvador is respectful of the domestic law and of the decisions of the courts.
Yes, but…
Nevertheless, it [the Salvadoran government] wishes for the prompt search for measures that promote migratory stability.
In other words, “migratory stability” in allowing many Salvadoran immigrants.

And, of course, this foreign ministry too reminded Salvadoran illegals in the U.S. of the “assistance and orientation” they can receive at the Salvadoran embassy and the 17 [!] Salvadoran consulates on U.S. soil.

Note that, in the comment thread to this article, the first commentator writes: “Republicanos como los odio con todo mi odio.” For the benefit of you Americans who have not yet been forced to learn Spanish, that means “Republicans—how I hate them with all my hate”.

Obviously one of those natural conservatives dying to vote Republican.

  • Honduras:
The government of Honduras lamented today the decision of a Texas judge to suspend the decision of the president of the United States, Barack Obama, that would permit some five million undocumented immigrants to regularize in a temporary manner their stay in that country.
The Honduran government communiqué stated that it “respects the decision of the federal judge Andrew Scott Hanen”. Respects it? Then why are you bringing it up?

And, nevertheless, it also says that the Honduran government is relieved that the White House is appealing the decision.

The Honduran communique too counseled Hondurans living in the U.S. to keep in touch with “our consulates that will provide you with permanent information about how the situation is evolving and will help in the paperwork that is required in case the measure of president Obama is maintained firm.”[Honduras lamenta suspensión de alivio para inmigrantes en Estados Unidos, Caracol Radio, February 17, 2015]

See the common pattern here? The governments of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, the very next day after the Hanen decision, publicly attack it.

That means that they are paying close attention to these issues. You better believe they are!

And these four countries are also blatantly using their consular networks (with a total of nearly 90 consulates) to meddle in our immigration policy and to support their illegal aliens here in our country. Of course, with all the help the Obama Regime is giving them, that’s not too hard.

Bottom line: The Regime, and the governments of Mexico/Guatemala/El Salvador/Honduras, are playing this game to win.

Is the American opposition (apart from Senator Jeff Sessions) in the game at all?

American citizen Allan Wall (email him) moved back to the U.S.A. in 2008 after many years residing in Mexico. Allan's wife is Mexican, and their two sons are bilingual. In 2005, Allan served a tour of duty in Iraq with the Texas Army National Guard. His VDARE.COM articles are archived here; his articles are archived here ; his News With Views columns are archived here; and his website is here.

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