Rick Perry Almost Out As Texas Governor, And Still Talking Big About The Border
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Rick Perry is still governor of Texas, but he only has a few more days to go.  Greg Abbott is scheduled to take office on January 20th.    Rick  is a big talker and a big poser, and will likely run for president.   Amazingly, with only a few more days as governor,  he's still going on and on about securing the border.   Perry was interviewed on Newsmax where he boasted about securing Texas' border with Mexico:
"...We have to have Washington doing its duty, but I tell people, I said listen, if Washington's not going to do its duty to secure the Texas and Mexico border, Texas will. We're going to send the resources that we need whether it's our law enforcement, whether it's our National Guard, to continue to send the message that Texas is going to do everything that it needs to do to keep its citizens safe and an extension of that." Rick Perry to Newsmax: If Obama Won't Protect Border, Texas Will  Melissa Clyne, Newsmax, January 15, 2015
Well, Rick you've been governor of Texas since the year 2000, why didn't you secure Texas' border with Mexico in all those years?

In case  your successor Greg Abbott really wants to secure the border, I have a concrete proposal for sealing Texas' border with Mexico, it can be read here: Texas' Rick Perry Could Seal The Border Himself - If he Had The Will.

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