Tired Of The Illegal-Alien Sob Stories? Speak Up!
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America’s Voice is a cornerstone organization of the Treason Lobby, headed by veteran open-borders booster Frank Sharry. Currently they’re trying to generate emails to the president and the Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson (and to a bureaucrat in ICE’s Detroit office) urging that a particular illegal alien be spared deportation. The campaign portal is at this link.

The illegal alien at the center of this campaign is one Pedro Hernandez-Ramirez, who resides with his family—the wife and four children are American citizens—in Lorain, Ohio. At the America’s Voice main page (see changing display on that page’s left side), we learn that Hernandez-Ramirez has a “25-year-old son with severe cerebral palsy.” In the brief video at the portal page, Hernandez-Ramirez speaks a couple of words—in Spanish. So it seems reasonable to conclude that this “kind of immigrant America should be embracing” [see below] has been here at least 25 years and still isn’t comfortable with English.

Some history of Hernandez-Ramirez’s interactions with federal immigration authorities is given at a blog page at the same site. Taking what’s there at face value, this seems like a hard-luck case, with sob-story elements that aren’t trumped up. But, of course, Hernandez-Ramirez set it all in motion by coming here illegally.

And it’s the type of story the Treason Lobby loves to trumpet as a way of suggesting that genuine hard-luck cases for “millions of families” [again, see below] are what deportations are all about.

So the America’s Voice hustlers provide a form for emails to plead Hernandez-Ramirez’s case. Their subject line is

Stop Pedro Hernandez-Ramirez’s (A#79779198) deportation now!
And their suggested text is:
Mr. President, Now is the time for leadership on immigration. We need you to act now to protect millions of families from separation, starting with Pedro Hernandez-Ramirez’s (A#79779198)!

Pedro is a law-abiding family man and the primary caretaker of his eldest son who has severe cerebral palsy. Pedro has four US citizen children and his wife is a US citizen, too. He’s exactly the kind of immigrant America should be embracing, not expelling!

Pedro meets multiple criteria that qualify him for relief from deportation, yet the ICE Detroit Field Office has inexplicably denied his request.

Mr. President, you promised to act in the face of Congress’ inaction, and Pedro and his family are depending on you to keep them together. Please direct DHS to stop Pedro’s deportation immediately and announce protections for millions of families living in limbo!

It turns out that both the subject line and the letter text are editable, so I thoroughly [!] edited both to be patriotic (i.e. in the interest of the American citizenry) and sent the result.

For the subject line I had:

Deport Pedro Hernandez-Ramirez (A#79779198) now!
And here is my main text:
Mr. President, now is the time for leadership on immigration.

We need you to act now to protect tens of millions of American citizens from the scourge that is illegal immigration. Illegal aliens take jobs needed by our citizens, drive drunk at rates much higher than citizens thereby putting the rest of us at hazard, and have children who heavily burden us taxpayers with their use of public benefits.

Illegal aliens like Pedro Hernandez-Ramirez (A#79779198) knowingly violated our immigration laws for their own selfish purposes. Those who crash the border or abuse our hospitality by overstaying a visa are the very opposite of people we should admit to our country.

Moreover, they knew what they were selfishly doing in imposing themselves on us. They have enormous gall to complain when we straightforwardly enforce our laws.

If Pedro is concerned about how his children will fare when he’s deported, he can take his family with him.

Mr. President, Pedro Hernandez-Ramirez (A#79779198) has got to go!

If you’d like to weigh in, feel free to use my replacement text or, better, write something yourself. Don’t burn a lot of time on this, as it’s a low-payoff exercise. But it can’t hurt to have some patriotic sentiment appear amid the selfish sob stories.

If you do it, though, please don’t repeat my blunder: I forgot to edit the subject line to be consistent with my main text (i.e. leaving the original subject line) and sent the discordant result. After noticing my goof, I edited the subject line, too, to my version above and sent the whole mess again, this time with a consistent message.


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