Memo From Middle America: DACA’s Downside—Meddling Mexicans Aiming To Use DREAMers To REALLY “Hack” U.S. Politics
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Is It POSSIBLE Trump Knows What He’s Doing?” Editor Peter Brimelow asked after Thursday’s news that Texas and other states are threatening legal action against Obama’s unilateral DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) Amnesty program for the so-called DREAMers. NumbersUSA agrees—this could easily end DACA without President Trump taking any heat. This better be true. Trump’s failure to date to carry out his campaign promise to abolish DACA and calling the DREAMers “exceptional kids” despite evidence of their negative impact has caused even his supporters to mutter about betrayal. And now there’s more evidence that the Meddling Mexicans intend to use the DREAMers as a Fifth Column—to “hack,” you might say, American politics.

It’s not like DREAMers ever appreciated what Trump is doing for them. For example, DREAMer  Astrid Silva implicitly promised violence against President Trump back in a Spanish-language response to his address to Congress in February. Trump’s unexpected moderation was just regarded as weakness.

And the pro-DREAMers’ argument that they are essentially Americans who are just lacking some paperwork is farcical. The Mexican government has long been trying develop them as political assets by cultivating their loyalty. This includes sponsored trips to Mexico where DREAMers can learn about “their” country. A recent trip received “$34,000 in matching funding from the L.A. Mexican Consulate and the U.S.-Mexico Foundation”. [14 Dreamers To Take Historic Spring Break, By Richard Manly, Inside CSULB, March 16, 2015]

Now, in what can only be regarded as a deliberate insult to Americans, the Mexican government is also organizing DREAMers right here on U.S. soil—without a peep of protest from the Trump Administration, the Republican Congress or, of course, Conservatism Inc.

This new program is called “Dreamers en Movimiento”, meaning “DREAMers in Movement”. (Note the American political jargon “Dreamers” is now a Spanish word in Mexico).

Its first meeting, sponsored by the Mexican Foreign Ministry [SRE], was held in Los Angeles just after the Trump Triumph [Primer foro Dreamers en Movimiento concluyó en Estados Unidos, “First Dreamers in Movement Forum concludes in the United States,” Notimex on, November 18, 2016].

The second, also sponsored by SRE, was just (May 31-June 2) held in New York City at the City University of New York (CUNY). An English language announcement on the website of the Mexican consulate in Seattle explained the event was to be a “3 day Forum” in which DREAMers “will have the opportunity to participate in workshops, conferences and dynamics to strengthen ties of trust and understanding with Mexico.”

If the DREAMers were really Americans and it would be so cruel to send them back, why would they need this? Because the Mexican government wants them to identify as Mexicans.

Participants had to be DACA beneficiaries residing in the United States. A total of 118 DREAMers met the qualifications. They were given transportation to and from their places of residence to New York City, accommodation, and meals. Pretty nice, eh?

According to SRE, the forum had five goals:

  • “To bring together DREAMers living in the United States with relevant actors in Mexico, in order to contribute to their personal and professional success.”
  • “To promote the empowerment of DREAMers and their communities.”
  • “To build strong ties among DREAMers living in different cities across the United States in order to create regional and national work and exchange networks.”
  • “To offer DREAMers tools to reach their potential as transnational leaders and to promote their bi-national identity.” [That is, “bi-national identity” as a tool of Mexico.]
  • “To foster initiatives and social entrepreneurship projects promoted by DREAMers, both in Mexico as well as in their communities in the United States.”
Hey, if Mexican leaders love these DREAMers so much, why don’t they want them back in Mexico?

Days after the conference, the Mexican government posted a video of the event entitled Dreamers mexicanos se reúnen en NY para crear estrategias ante Trump —“Mexican Dreamers meet in NY to create strategies before/in the face of Trump”.

In other words, “create strategies” to oppose Trump—the president who called them “exceptional kids” and who has not deported them (yet).

This video includes an interview with a DREAMer in Utah, bemoaning the election of our president—as if Americans are interested in a DREAMer’s opinion on our elections.

One speaker was an actual U.S. citizen, New York City councilman Carlos Menchaca, who has protested President Trump’s travel ban, serves as chairman of the City Council’s Immigration Committee, and is described by Wikipedia as “the first Mexican American elected to public office in New York City, and the first openly-gay New York City Council member from Brooklyn.”

Another speaker was Juan Carlos Mendoza, head of the IME [Instituto de los Mexicanos en el Exterior]. That’s a Mexican foreign ministry agency that works with Mexicans living outside Mexico—almost always meaning Mexicans in the United States.

Carlos Sada, the SRE’s Undersecretary for North America, a former Mexican Ambassador to the U.S. and a former Mexican consul in several U.S. cities (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Antonio), also spoke. He’s all too familiar to readers:

As part of his address, Undersecretary Sada said Mexicans who are legal residents of the United States should become U.S. citizens “because it’s the best way to get protection for them and their families.” This is not directly applicable to the DREAMers, of course, but it’s now part of Mexican government policy to encourage Mexicans to have dual citizenship.

Sada also referred to DREAMers as “a key ally of Mexico” and “binational leaders with the capacity to articulate the voices of their communities and build bridges between both countries” [Dreamers son un aliado clave de México, afirma Carlos Sada, “Dreamers are a key ally of Mexico, says Carlos Sada” by Blanca Estela Botello,, June 2, 2017].

Imagine the outcry if a critic of DACA called DREAMers “allies of Mexico.” Yet a high ranking Mexican official can say it on our own soil with no problem.

Why isn’t this a problem? Why doesn’t our own government care about this Mexican meddling?

And shouldn’t the Main Stream Media pay more attention to this than to the increasingly discredited “Russian hacking” narrative?

It’s about time Americans get some answers.

And it’s about time Donald Trump start delivering, directly, on his promises to put America First.

American citizen Allan Wall (email him) moved back to the U.S.A. in 2008 after many years residing in Mexico. Allan's wife is Mexican, and their two sons are bilingual. In 2005, Allan served a tour of duty in Iraq with the Texas Army National Guard. His VDARE.COM articles are archived here; his articles are archived here ; his News With Views columns are archived here; and his website is here.

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