Joe Guzzardi Writes On The DACA "Kids"—I.E. Juvenile Delinquents, Mostly
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Re: Ed Rubenstein Column, National Data | “Deal With DACA With Heart”? What About American Millennials?

From: Joe Guzzardi [Email him]

My friend of long-standing Ed Rubenstein wrote a fantastic column about “squishy” Donald Trump who’s gone all wobbly on DACA. A cowardly Trump has repeatedly and embarrassingly called the DACA’s “exceptional kids,” an overstatement of great proportions.

The large percentage of those allegedly outstanding kids, if previously employed, probably committed identity fraud, a felony. Gone mostly unnoticed in the recent DACA brouhaha is that in 2012 under Obama’s Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, face-to-face interviews were never conducted, approval rates ran about 99 percent, and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services required applicants to list only Social Security numbers that the Social Security Administration officially issued.

In other words, listing stolen Social Security numbers falsely obtained to commit identity fraud were not required as part of the DACA application. Furthermore, although the application asked about gang affiliations, when the Center for Immigration Studies submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to learn the results, it was told that: "The information you seek is not a field that is electronically captured,” a big time cover up.[Are DACA Aliens Gang Members? USCIS Does Not Want to Know, By David North, October 16, 2015]

When in-person interviews aren’t required, stolen identities winked at, and gang membership ignored, the strong probability is that many not-so-incredible kids received DACA work authorization permits.

Joe Guzzardi is Californians for Population Stabilization’s National Media Director. E-mail him at [email protected]. Find Joe on Twitter @joeguzzardi19

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