Justice In Florida—Thanks To VDARE.COM Readers!
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Guess what? Those Florida rapists were illegals…and VDARE.COM readers outed the fact.

People often ask me why I work for a small, unconventional webzine as opposed to, I don't know, the Mainstream Media or some thickheaded politician.

As for the latter, been there, done that. And I barely made it out alive…which is to say, with my soul intact.

From what I can see of the Mainstream Media, selling one's soul appears to be a prerequisite for employment. Jeepers, look at the New York Times—their Letter to the Editor mailing address should be:


C/O the New York Times

Third Ring of Hell


I suppose I could lack the talent necessary to secure employment with one of the Biggieswhat am I saying!…never mind, the Biggies are lame.

In any event, I love working for VDARE.COM. You see, we discuss real topics. We talk about the issues that are generally evaded by the MSM, which distills the news rather than reports it.

We get people thinking. And, every once in a while, our readers get to take action against the injustices we report.

For that reason alone, I would work for free [Editor's note: That would be nice, but even Bryanna can't live on air! Donate here to help us keep her!] because that is truly a sight to see. Hell hath no fury like a Politically Uncorrected VDARE.COM reader.

Case in point:

Last week, I blogged about a rape case in Florida where an 18 year-old girl was raped by 14 Guatemalan scumbags.

In the arrest report, the men were identified "Guatemalan nationals" and "farm laborers from Immokalee, Florida."

Yeah, they were also identified as "white."

Needless to say, I was miffed by a couple of things:

  1. There was no mention of their immigration status.
  2. The MSM didn't even report the crime.

In my column, I included the email address for the Public Information Officer at the Collier County Sheriff's Department.

I just wanted to be helpful, you know? If any of readers wanted more information I wanted them to know whom to ask…that's all.

It was absolutely fantastic! I received a flood of email from our readers who expressed outrage over the case. Indeed, it was an outrageous case.

Several people included me in blind copy on the emails they sent to the Collier County Sheriff. They demanded to know the immigration status of these men.

As you may remember, when I asked the Collier County Sheriff I was told to call Immigration and Customs Enforcement. I was told that the Sheriff's Department didn't get involved in such matters.

Silly mortals! They were obviously unacquainted with VDARE.COM readers—a dogged lot of well-informed patriots who never, never take no for an answer.

From one of my favorite reader emails, these were Difster's comments:

"I initially found out about the story because someone linked to your article about it in the comments of another blog. I checked out the story and I was bothered by the fact that the Sheriff's Department would not release the immigration status of the prisoners."

[You can read Difster's investigative thread from his Blog here.]

Weary from the onslaught of hostile mail, the Collier County Sheriff's Department capitulated and ran this press statement [10/7/05] on its website:

"A Sheriff's Office inquiry with United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has disclosed that the 14 arrestees are all Guatemalan Nationals and are in the United States illegally. Federal detainers from ICE have been placed on all 14. The federal detainer is in addition to criminal charges in Collier County."

We all knew the rapists were illegals. But it is certainly gratifying to hear the authorities acknowledge the true facts of the case:

  • Illegal aliens raped this girl.

The Sheriff's Department press statement also cited the reason for its sudden cooperation.

"Due to the grievous nature of this alleged crime and the immigration issues, we have received extraordinary interest and inquiry from people throughout the nation. We will continue to provide factual updates and seek information to complete our investigation and perfect our case. We ask everyone to permit the process to work for a just conclusion and avoid oversimplifying the case, or worse, creating unproductive innuendo and rumor."

Bryanna translation from Sheriff-speak:

"Okay VDARE.COM readers, here is the skinny on the Guatemalans, now please stop harassing us. We're sorry. Please stop flooding our email accounts!"

Remember, the MSM did not report this story. Google News shows nothing but local stories. So the "extraordinary interest" had to come from our readers.

As a result of your tenacity, ICE will now place a hold on these hoodlums. If, by some God-forsaken mischance, these men escape justice (which happens all too often) at least we can nab them on an immigration violation.

And it is all thanks to our readers. So take a bow, my friends!

Not that it needs saying but when has the readership of the New York

Times (or any of the other sell-out journals) made such a difference as this?

As for me—I'm sticking with you guys!

Bryanna Bevens [email her] is a political consultant and former chief of staff for a member of the California State Assembly.

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