JOHN DERBYSHIRE: Flickers Of Sanity Against The Great Replacement In Europe—Especially In Ireland
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There are flickers of sanity against the Great Replacement over in Europe—especially in Ireland, a proud member of the European Union and a popular destination for illegal aliens from Africa and the Middle East, there are actually flickers of rebellion.

On Thanksgiving Day and during the consequent Main Stream Media snooze here in the US, an immigrant from North Africa stabbed a woman and three children outside an elementary school in inner-city Dublin [Ireland Stabbing Suspect—What We Know as Dublin Riots, Newsweek, November 24, 2023].

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The woman and one of the children—a five-year-old girl—are in a serious condition in hospital as I go to pixel here. The other two children, aged five and six, have less serious injuries.

When the news came out, people took to the streets. There have been major riots. A hotel housing illegal aliens has been burned, as well as a tram, a double decker bus, and a police car.

There was kindling lying around before this spark landed in it, as VDARE noted in February:

From the Newsweek report:

There have been ongoing protests across Ireland against asylum centers amid a housing crisis. Many hotels and guest houses have been converted to asylum accommodation, leading to protests by people in towns affected by lower tourist income.

This violent street reaction to the school stabbing may have been inflamed by the fact that the Dublin elementary school attacked is run with the Irish language—Gaelic, that is. Dublin is far from the areas in Ireland where Gaelic is actually spoken, so this suggests a serious commitment to traditional Irish nationalism.

As a person born and educated in England, I well know how inflammable Irish nationalism is.

In fact I shall offer a word of advice, free of charge, to any illegals on their way to the Emerald Isle: Don’t mess with the Irish!

Oh, the Irish government’s response to the riots? They have promised more laws against ”hate speech.” As Keith Woods tweeted, “The government is more concerned about natives expressing ’hate’ than they are about migrants stabbing children on the street. More new laws to silence the Irish people. This is a state at war with its nation.”

The central fact of our time is that mass migration from the Barbarous to the Civilized Zone continues apace.

Regime Media in the Civilized Countries mostly prefer to say nothing about it; and of course politicians in those countries strongly prefer to do nothing about it.

There are some flickers of sanity in the gloom, though.

There was for example the election on Wednesday November 22 in Holland. The biggest share of votes was won by Geert Wilders’ PVV, the Party for Freedom. Wilders is a veteran of twenty years’ campaigning against Muslim immigration into Europe. If the Muzzies have a master list of targets for assassination somewhere, he’s got to be top of the list. (Wilders’s twenty-year campaign started after his predecessor, Pim Fortuyn, was stabbed to death by a Muslim sympathizer twenty-one years ago.)

That biggest share of votes was 24 percent. It doesn’t actually sound very big; but there were eighteen parties on the ballot for voters to choose from [ Geert Wilders is the EU’s worst nightmare, Politico, November 23, 2023]. Holland is one of those proportional-representation parliamentary democracies that always ends up with a coalition government. There were, as I said, eighteen parties to vote for. The runners-up to Wilders’ 24 percent were parties with sixteen, fifteen, and thirteen percent.

Wilders’ populism doesn’t stop at immigration control. For years he’s been stamping on the toes of Dutch Goodthinkers. He’s scoffed at climate change as a Leftist fad. He wants Holland to leave the European Union, go back to having its own national currency, and stop sending weapons to Ukraine.

Dutch News, an English-language Leftist outlet, noted with dismay that less-educated voters favored Wilders by much higher margins than did those with college degrees. They sobbed that, sob

This election blew open the myth of the Netherlands as a land of equal opportunities and exposed a sense of despair at the lower end of the social and educational scale. For whatever reason, those voters connected more strongly with Wilders’s rhetoric blaming their difficulties on migrants than the concrete plans by other parties to raise minimum wages and ease the tax burden.

 Analysis: Votes piled up for Wilders as migration became focus, by Gordon Darroch, Dutch News, November 23, 2023 

In fact it seems that immigration patriotism is stirring all over Europe. In France, Marine Le Pen’s National Rally is at second place in the polls, nipping at the heels of President Emmanuel Macron [POLITICO Poll of Polls—French Polls]. Germany’s AfD party is also now second in that country’s polls [Opinion: Europe’s right-wing drift takes its most alarming turn in Germany, by Lee Hockstader, Washington Post, October 3, 2023]. Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy party is in power (perhaps disappointingly—as of now).

There are counter-currents elsewhere. Leftist Pedro Sánchez remains Prime Minister of Spain after the July election, although not without huge populist protests, still ongoing [Violent clashes in Madrid as far-right protests Sanchez reelection, by Alyssa McMurtry,, November 17, 2023].

Last month’s election in Poland will likely produce a Center-Left government, although a coalition is still being negotiated; while on the upside, a concurrent referendum turned up a 97 percent vote against mass Third World immigration.

And in all these multiparty parliamentary democracies, coalition governments are the rule, with all the compromises that involves.

There are Deep States to be reckoned with, too, as I spoke about last week in relation to Britain.

”Man proposes, God disposes,” goes the old saying, with equivalents in every language known to me.

  • French: L’homme propose, Dieu dispose.
  • German: Der Mensch denkt’s, Gott lenkt’s,  … and so on.
  • Oh, you want the Chinese? Móushì zài rén, chéngshì zài tiān—there you go.

In the managerial state, which is today the style of government all over the civilized world, voters and politicians propose, human-rights lawyers and bureaucrats dispose. Giorgia Meloni learned that in the Lampedusa crisis two months ago.

Still, there are these flickers of sanity, though. I’ll take what I can get.

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