Jews, Leftists, Immigration: My Journey To Nietzsche
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I was born and raised in New York, among the first of the group now known as “baby boomers”, in a Jewish/Irish neighborhood in the north Bronx. I was fatherless in infancy and my quasi-Communist mother raised me to love what are euphemistically called “progressive” causes. In her heart of hearts, though, she still preferred Lenin and loved Castro (being particularly impressed by Cuba’s health care and educational systems). With all of her leftist views, however, she was still very much a cultural Jew, convinced that anti-Semitism lurked behind every corner. In fact, she was quite bigoted against Christians.

Hypocrisy is an enduring left-wing trait. Proud of the fact that they always back “progressive” causes, leftists are unable to live their beliefs. They flee neighborhoods and schools that have “turned”, never thinking they need a reason to explain these contradictions.

The Jews of my world felt morally superior to others. This narcissism gave them the right to critique America, a country that was profoundly generous and welcoming to them, merely because it wasn’t morally perfect. Jewish verbal assaults were rarely matched by deeds that required physical sacrifice or courage. Within the safety of a great country, they felt the freedom to attack viciously and intrusively those with whom they did not agree. If things didn’t work out, they could always move.

My milieu, City College and New York Jews, was fully in accord with what I had been taught at home. I had no reason to doubt when everyone around me believed the same thing.

But yet, I had my doubts. I saw things around me that didn’t comport with what I was taught, but I couldn’t yet understand why.

There were some Jews in my position, who had been “mugged by reality”, and sought refuge in conservatism. But the most crucial concept that they never questioned, which was far more profound than any adjustment in systems, was the belief in the inherent equality of all groups. They believed that the US was indeed a great country—but that lower taxes, less government, and better education for all would solve any problems of inequality.

I found it a relief that there were a few abandoning the old liberal dogmas. But they and their ilk were too afraid or unimaginative to delve any deeper. They could not, and still cannot, fathom that there are material differences in intelligence and sensibility among groups, which if not recognized, will doom any system solutions they may advocate.

In some ways, these Jewish converts to the Right are more damaging than old-style liberals because they give an intellectual dimension to systems-oriented conservatism. Their position on immigration is substantially the same as the left.

My philosophical journey led me to read books that opened my eyes further to what I was already seeing and experiencing. I read Peter Brimelow’s Alien Nation, Jared Taylor’s Paved with Good Intentions, and Arthur Jensen’s Intelligence, Race, and Genetics.

But my single greatest influence arose from an accidental introduction, in the late 1980s, to the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche. Not only was he objective about Jews, he also predicted the decline of Western Civilization. Nietzsche says,

“The Jews…are beyond any doubt the strongest, toughest, and purest race now living in Europe; they know how to prevail even under the worst conditions (even better than under favorable conditions), by means of virtues that today one would like to mark as vices…” Beyond Good and Evil, Peoples and Fatherlands, Section 251 [Note: Quotations are from Walter Kaufman's translation,, links go to online versions.]

But also:

“The Jews, that priestly people, who in opposing their enemies and conquerors were ultimately satisfied with nothing less than a radical revaluation of their enemies’ values, that is to say, an act of the most spiritual revenge…It was the Jews who, with awe-inspiring consistency, dared to invert the aristocratic value-equation (good=noble=powerful=beautiful=happy=beloved of God) and to hang on to this inversion with their teeth…saying the wretched alone are good; the poor, impotent, lowly alone are the good; the suffering, deprived, sick, ugly alone are pious, alone are blessed by God, blessedness is for them alone—and you, the powerful and noble, are on the contrary the evil, the cruel, …the godless to all eternity; and you shall be in all eternity the unblessed, accursed and damned!” [On the Genealogy of Morals, First Essay, Section 7, 1887]

His insights hit me like a thunderbolt. I also realized how Christianity was affected by this worldview, especially secularized Christianity.

Everything I saw around me confirmed what Nietzsche wrote. In the present day, Western men (the aristocratic class) are the “bad” and the poor, the violent, the “underdog” are the “good”.

This worldview opened the floodgates to the immigration crisis we have today. How can we stop immigration if these people are “good” and we are “bad”? We, as the “bad”, owe it to all of the “good” to invite them into our societies and support them, if necessary. How can we judge them when they are the holy and the noble? They only want what we have. Isn’t that a modest request?

To be clear, it is important to understand that there is no conspiracy among Jews, no Protocols of the Elders of Zion, to advance this view because it benefits them as a group. In fact, it is the opposite—these views are suicidal to all higher people, particularly the Jews.

It is dangerous to believe in the inherent equality of groups because it leads to such questions as: Why are the Jews nearly always at the top rung of every society? Why are they invariably the most educated and the wealthiest? If one believes all groups are equal, then the Jews must be doing something especially deceitful and clever, not to mention evil.

The belief in group equality is the most harmful and dangerous notion today. It is the basis for all policies regarding immigration, education, and civil rights in the US, as well as all Western societies. Despite reams of scientific evidence that supports racial differences throughout the body, from differing diseases, rates of cancer, hypertension, reactions to drugs, all types of physical attributes, etc., for some reason we are to believe that these differences stop at the brain. And the fact that Jews succeed in every society wildly out of proportion to their numbers cannot be discussed.

Western man has been crippled by guilt and a bad conscience that puts our alleged misdeeds totally out of perspective. We have embraced this notion. As Nietzsche said: “One puts to one’s lips what drives one faster into the abyss”. [The Case of Wagner, Section 5]

And that is precisely why the West is crumbling. We are reaching a point where the high are becoming slaves to the poor; where the low are multiplying and the high are barren. All one has to do to confirm this is to look at the birthrates in the Third World. We are sacrificing ourselves in a narcissistic suicidal orgy, based upon guilt and cowardice—turning truth on its head.

This is what Nietzsche predicted nearly 150 years ago:

“But no greater or more calamitous misunderstanding is possible than for the happy, well-constituted, powerful in soul and body, to begin to doubt their right to happiness in this fashion…The high ought not to degrade itself to the status of an instrument of the lower, .. distance ought to keep …tasks eternally separated…”[On the Genealogy of Morals , Third Essay, Section 15]

It is not evil to acknowledge material differences in IQ and sensibility. There is no praise or blame for what is.  It is mandatory for the survival of civilization. As decline progresses, lies get bolder and more hysterical every day. Oppression of those who depart from the party line becomes more prevalent.

The churches, the Main Stream Media, the educational institutions, the political leaders are all praising and promoting these superstitions. You have to be carefully taught to hate yourself and your race. To live continually with guilt. To be called the “oppressor”. To accept the inverted world that believes the high should be ashamed of its attributes and accomplishments.

America is becoming a Third World country. The radical decline of the human race is accelerating. Both Jews and non-Jews are committed to ideals based upon falsehoods that will lead to the suicide of our nation.

Nietzsche gave me an affirming life. I learned that it is important for the survival of Western Civilization to have an affirming philosophy, not merely to say “no”. It is important to have an alternative vision of the future.

What you wish it to be is not always what is. The most profound truths are often the “ugliest”. Non-Jews as well as Jews must abandon these ideas and reject that which is unhealthy.

Jews are a tiny portion of mankind. Despite the important role Jews have played in fomenting this disaster, it is inaccurate and intellectually lazy to blame the Jews alone for our current problems.

We all have to take responsibility for our lives and for our decisions and errors. And, unfortunately, we will need much more pain before we confront this disaster.

Susie Green (email her) is an American of Jewish background. She has worked in New York City all of her professional life in various high-level managerial jobs. She is married and has a large blended family of children and stepchildren.

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