A Reader Dismisses Communist Support For Obama; Kevin Lamb comments
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03/01/09 -  An Australian Reader, (Soon To Be An American Citizen) Comments On H1B

From: Dave Shanken (email him)

Re: "Guess Who's Gaga Over Obama" by Kevin Lamb

Kevin Lamb asserts that the Communist Party supports President Obama, therefore Obama is in some way a communist.

This is absurd. The motivation for [CPUSA National Chair] Sam Webb's support may be sincere. It may be a ploy to advance some agenda. It may just be Webb choosing to support the best of a bad lot. I don't know; neither does Kevin Lamb.

More importantly, I have a problem with the logic of asserting: that because A supports B, then B supports A. This is bogus, as anyone trying to control immigration should be aware of. Consider the immigrant promotion rant: Racists support immigration restriction, therefore immigration restrictionists are racist.

Long ago, to demonstrate the absurdity of this thinking, a liberal professor of social science told my class, "Stalin, Pope Pius, and Hitler all strongly opposed child labor. Therefore we may conclude that: Stalin was a Roman Catholic, Pope Pius was a Nazi, and Hitler was a Communist."

On this occasion, a liberal made good sense.

Kevin Lamb replies: Evidence of Obama's socialist affiliations surfaced last October when researchers turned up archival documents (now deleted) corroborating Obama's membership in the New Party, a Marxist political party largely composed of activists from Democratic Socialists of America and ACORN.  

The flipside of reader Shanken's argument: not all progressives are communists, but all communists are progressives. Radical egalitarianism is the ideological bond that unites Obama's supporters. Radical egalitarians—whether conventional liberals or revolutionary communists—share the same goal (even if their strategies and tactics differ): a fanatical leveling of American society.

The important point of Comrade Webb's enthusiastic presence at Obama's inauguration is that Obama's election represents a coalition victory for far-left activists, which includes liberals, neo-Marxists, socialists, and communists.

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