A Reader Dismisses Communist Support For Obama; Kevin Lamb comments
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March 02, 2009, 04:00 AM
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From: Dave Shanken (email him)

Re: "Guess Who`s Gaga Over Obama" by Kevin Lamb

Kevin Lamb asserts that the Communist Party supports President Obama, therefore Obama is in some way a communist.

This is absurd. The motivation for [CPUSA National Chair] Sam Webb`s support may be sincere. It may be a ploy to advance some agenda. It may just be Webb choosing to support the best of a bad lot. I don`t know; neither does Kevin Lamb.

More importantly, I have a problem with the logic of asserting: that because A supports B, then B supports A. This is bogus, as anyone trying to control immigration should be aware of. Consider the immigrant promotion rant: Racists support immigration restriction, therefore immigration restrictionists are racist.

Long ago, to demonstrate the absurdity of this thinking, a liberal professor of social science told my class, "Stalin, Pope Pius, and Hitler all strongly opposed child labor. Therefore we may conclude that: Stalin was a Roman Catholic, Pope Pius was a Nazi, and Hitler was a Communist."

On this occasion, a liberal made good sense.

Kevin Lamb replies: Evidence of Obama`s socialist affiliations surfaced last October when researchers turned up archival documents (now deleted) corroborating Obama`s membership in the New Party, a Marxist political party largely composed of activists from Democratic Socialists of America and ACORN.  

The flipside of reader Shanken`s argument: not all progressives are communists, but all communists are progressives. Radical egalitarianism is the ideological bond that unites Obama`s supporters. Radical egalitarians—whether conventional liberals or revolutionary communists—share the same goal (even if their strategies and tactics differ): a fanatical leveling of American society.

The important point of Comrade Webb`s enthusiastic presence at Obama`s inauguration is that Obama`s election represents a coalition victory for far-left activists, which includes liberals, neo-Marxists, socialists, and communists.