"Tyranny Of Nice"—Canadian Hate Speech Laws Exposed
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Kathy Shaidle has a book! Shaidle, who wrote First They Came For...Canadian "Hate Speech" Totalitarianism Is Not New, for us, has an entire book on the subject of Canada's Human Rights commissions. It's in ebook form, or you can get it in paperback:

With an introduction by bestselling author Mark Steyn.
In this new book, Kathy Shaidle and Pete Vere expose Canada's powerful Human Rights Commissions: how they censor citizens and ruin lives — using your tax dollars! Are you next?
The Tyranny of Nice is your field guide to the fight for freedom of speech.Order the PAPERBACKpersonally signed by Mark Steyn himself!CLICK HERE.
Order the downloadable E-BOOKand save shipping & taxesCLICK HERE. [email protected]

The ebook isn't a free download, unlike Steve Sailer's new book. The difference is that we're a foundation, surviving on the generous donations of readers, while Kathy Shaidle is freelance writer who is self-supporting through her own contributions. She's also being sued by a Canadian bureaucrat over things that would be lawsuit proof in the US under Sullivan v. New York Times, so if you do pay the ten dollars for the download, you'll be helping a good cause.

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