Alien Costume Kerfuffle
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William Gheen of Alipac sent out an email on a story about Target pulling a costume that was said to be "offensive" by the friends of illegal aliens. The point, as I said, in a recent column, is that even if it's offensive, it's offensive to illegal aliens, who are criminals. Why should we care if a criminal gets offended? Congratulations to ALIPAC, who have promoted this to the point that the "Illegal alien" costume has sold out nationwide. This is in spite of the fact that Ebay has banned it as "offensive," Google is not allowing it to be advertised, and the company that makes it has stopped doing so, out of cowardice.[Ebay, Google, and Forum Novelties Censor illegal alien costume]

See also my post on Tommy Lee Jones And Space Aliens, which is about Men In Black and immigration.

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