FORMER AGENT: Megyn Kelly Seems To Understand The Great Replacement. Why Doesn’t Victor Davis Hanson?
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Megyn Kelly interviewed Victor Davis Hanson on her talk show recently and discussed the illegal-alien invasion at the border [Kavanaugh Character Assassination, and America’s Standing, with Victor Davis Hanson and Mike Pompeo]. What they said was frightening, not least this revelation from Hanson: Like Arizona rancher George Alan Kelly, now charged with murder for killing an armed illegal on his property in Arizona, Hanson himself has faced illegals with firearms. Despite that, Hanson (who has claimed to be to be a liberal Democrat) professes not to know why the Biden Regime has opened the borders. If one of the most celebrated commentators on the right doesn’t get it, the Historic American Nation is in bigger trouble than we think.

After Kelly introduced the subject with a report on the number of sex offenders the Border Agents apprehend, Hanson, who lives 300 miles north of the border in California’s Central Valley, described his home town as a near post-apocalyptic dystopia in which trash is littered through his farm fields, cars are abandoned, and illegals threaten him.

“I don’t understand it. … There is no border now,” he said. “They’ve just destroyed the Border. It does not exist as we know it.”

Police SWAT teams have raided three homes within two miles of his home, he said, and an internet prostitution ring posted the wrong address:

For a year, we had people showing up not speaking English, looking for women at my home, even though we were at least... a quarter mile away from where this illegal operation was running.

While all this was going on, mind you, he was trying to get permits for solar panels, with a state inspector dinging him for required structural changes. Nearby are houses packed to the rafters with illegals. The inspectors would never dare go to those houses for fear of their lives, but they are willing to nitpick a law-abiding citizen.(Watch here.)

 But prostitutes and their johns are the least of it.

“A month ago, I had a person come out in the driveway with a Glock tucked in his pants, and he was looking for his three-wheeler,” Hanson said. Later, the cops told Hanson the illegal had stolen the vehicle.

And “in a field nearby uh I’ve had a person with an AR-15 speak a language I didn’t know. … It was [an] Oaxacan indigenous dialect.”

And, he said, hikers must not go near certain areas of the Sierra Nevada Mountains:

It’s not that you will run into a marijuana Farm run by hippies. You’ll run into a marijuana farm run by the cartel.

Leftist elites on the East Coast have no idea what it’s like out in farm country or near the border, he said.

Undoubtedly, Hanson’s leftist academic colleagues—he’s professor emeritus at California State University Fresno—view him as a racist for writing his 2003 book  Mexifornia: A State of Becoming, and likely, for appearing on Kelly’s program to complain about gun-toting illegals.

But here was the disturbing thing: Hanson said he didn’t understand why the Biden Regime is permitting the invasion.

“We don’t know why… the Left is doing this,” he said:

Is the purpose to import voters? Is it to help Mexico get the… $60 billion in remittances? … [W]e offer generous entitlements, health, education, housing, food subsidies. So that frees up cash to send back to Mexico. … I don’t know what the idea is, but it’s really destroying the United States.

And Mexican-Americans, he averred, are “the most adamant against it.”

At the end of their conversation, Hanson asked Kelly, “What’s the purpose of destroying the border?” Unlike Hanson, she does seem to get it:

I think it’s two things. This is based on my exposure to New York City liberals. … [T]hey want future voters and they call this, you know, the Great Replacement Theory … this racist [theory]. …  [T]here actually could be a political motivation to get more people who they presume will be Left-leaning voters into the country to get them citizenship, or at least voting right.

At least Hanson agreed that the Democrats want future voters.

To his credit, Hanson did correctly explain that leftist coastal elites view themselves as morally superior for supporting the border invasion although they don’t have to live with the consequences:

That’s what DeSantis and [Abbott] really understood. That if you gave them a tiny dose, they would go ballistic, because they’re basically exclusionary and they have apartheid existences. They don’t want to live around people unlike themselves. …

I’ve had people come from the coastal areas [that are] very wealthy, to come out to our farm and visit, and they look around… and they get very uneasy. And they say things like, “why would you live here?” These are very Left-wing people, and I say “well, it’s diversity, why not?”

Recall Joe Sobran’s adage: “The purpose of a college education is to give you the correct view of minorities, and the means to live as far away from them as possible.” 

If Hanson understands that, one wonders why he can’t understand the purpose of the invasion, or that even Mexican-Americans who oppose it aren’t all that concerned about it.

Yes, as he said, Mexican-Americans are angry about illegals who wreck cars, or about waiting behind illegals in the hospital emergency room.

But their voting patterns don’t reflect that.

Similarly, before the midterm elections, Steve Bannon couldn’t say enough good things about the Hispanics of the Rio Grande Valley and how fed up they are with illegal immigration. Bannon was convinced they would come over to the Republican party. They did… but only a little, and not enough to be nationally significant.

Another example that blood will tell: Early in his career as an farm-worker agitator, Cesar Chavez strongly opposed illegal immigration. He knew that more employees competing for jobs drives down wages.

But toward the end of his career, Chavez reversed himself. Illegals, he decided, were our “our brothers and sisters.” At the end of the day, Chavez decided blood was thicker than water and sided with the invaders [Cesar Chavez’s Complex History on Immigration, by Ted Hesson, ABC News, May 1, 2013].

Similarly, Black Lives Matter and black political leaders create a national moral panic and foment riots when a white cop kills a black thug in the line of duty.  But they seem to care nothing about the real problem: that blacks are overwhelmingly murdered by other blacks. 

Victor Davis Hanson ignores this interesting phenomenon when talking about his hometown, Selma CA. It’s 77.6 percent Hispanic. Despite that, and despite what Hanson says is the deep opposition among Hispanics to illegal immigration, the congressional district’s representative is Jim Costa, a Democrat with an F- rating from Numbers USA.

So Mexican-Americans might oppose illegal immigration, but they don’t oppose it enough to vote against an Open-Borders Democrat.

Kelly, by the way, isn’t the only fetching blonde conservative female journalist worried about the border invasion. Contrarian reporter Lara Logan recently told Steve Bannon that a high-level source at the United Nations revealed its “long-term plan… to obliterate the sovereignty of this nation” by flooding it with 100 million immigrants [Lara Logan: We Are Living Under A Globalist Policy of Open Borders, RealAmericasVoice,, September 21, 2022].

Between them and the cartels, life will become unbearable. Once things get bad enough, she says, the Ruling Class elites will create a “regional government”—a unified megastate consisting of Canada, Mexico, and the United States. 

If and when that happens, maybe Victor Davis Hanson will figure out why the Biden Regime invited an invasion of illegal aliens.

The author [Email him] is retired from the Border Patrol.

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