Democrat Delighted By Coming Amnesty Gun Fight At The OK Corral
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Hey, we are in the old West in Arizona—finally, thanks to its Governor's courage, we are going to get in November 2010 the "Gun Fight At The OK Corral" that immigration reform patriots have been hoping to see for years.

I have long been complaining that the MSM has been loath to use the phrase "illegal aliens", preferring the inaccurate phase "undocumented immigrants" when crying about how some illegal alien was poor, mistreated, not able to have full citizenship rights, sob.

Now the gauntlet is thrown down. The governor of Arizona just inked into law a bill making illegal immigration a state crime and requiring police to question people whom they suspect are in the U.S. illegally about their immigration status. At last.

Of course, the Main Stream Media screamed about it on Page One.

The Washington Post on April 24, 2010 reported that

"[Arizona Governor Jan] Brewer, a Republican facing a stiff primary challenge, said she had no choice but to act because Washington's failure to address the issue had effectively left border protection to the states. 'We in Arizona have been more than patient waiting for Washington to act,' she said, as hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside her Phoenix office. 'But decades of federal inaction and misguided policy have created an unacceptable situation.'"

[Arizona governor signs immigration bill, reopening national debate]

Also on April 24, The Wall Street Journal Page One banner headline roared Obama Blasts Arizona Law :

"The president's comments, delivered during a Rose Garden naturalization ceremony for members of the armed forces, was a forceful sign that Mr. Obama planned to push the immigration issue before the November elections, responding to frustration among Hispanic voters and their advocates over inaction."  [By Laura Meckler  and Miriam Jordan, links added by]

To my disappointment as a Democrat—but not to my surprise, alas—Obama clearly sided with the Treason Lobby's amnesty forces who have several times been thwarted in their efforts to pass a "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" bill which would legalize 12-20 million illegals.

Soooooooooooo—for years we Americans, over 60% of us of all ethnic origins, have begged our Congress (which now enjoys the lowest citizen rating in decades) to enforce our present laws and limit both illegal and legal (just as important) immigration. And they won't.

Now, apparently strutting because of his health care victory, Obama and his Congressional allies think they can ram any alien allotment they want down our throats.

Meantime, the Journal article reports, "Mr. Obama said he instructed the Justice Department to "examine the civil rights and other implications" of the new law. Justice officials said they were considering their options, and it wasn't clear Friday what they might do".

The lead story on the April 23 PBS News Hour featured Michael Hethmon, an attorney with the Immigration Law Reform Institute (IRLI), and Democratic Congressman from Arizona, Raul Grijalva, who immediately  said, "I think the law will be found unconstitutional" and then launched into the likelihood of "racial profiling".

IRLI's Hethmon responded:

"Well, actually, the—the standard in the Arizona bill, reasonable suspicion that a person is unlawfully in the country, is much more modest than the federal standard established by the Supreme Court, which says that an officer, in a lawful stop, doesn't need any reasonable suspicion at all to query the person about their immigration status.

"So, what we are seeing in Arizona is a much more—more modest measure, which is designed to be practical and to deal with these wild kind of claims that Mr. Grijalva is making."

Hethmon added:

"As a practical matter, if Representative Grijalva is pulled over for driving through a red light, and the officer stops him and says, "Sir, what is your immigration status?" and Mr. Grijalva says, I'm a United States citizen and proud of it, that's the end of—that's the end of the inquiry in this situation, unless the officer has a reasonable suspicion that Mr. Grijalva is making a false claim to U.S. citizens—so, U.S. citizens and legal residents are very well protected in this bill."[Obama Calls for Immigration Reform as Arizona Enacts Controversial Measure, April 24, 2010]

At one point, Grijalva growled, "And this—this bill, 1070, completely violates that protection of the minority."

Which minority, Congressman, that of African Americans, the working poor, or just the minority in the US Congress than can't get Treason Lobby types like you to push reform?

Hethmon's final riposte to Grijalva's demand for a new amnesty was perfect:

"The only difference I would have with Representative Grijalva is that, somehow, the idea that passing an amnesty bill is going to be the solution. We have 200, 300 million people worldwide that want to come to this—to this country. Amnesty won't work. If they pass an amnesty bill, if he gets everything he wants, 18 months later, we're going to be back in the same situation just like 1986."

 Frankly, I can't wait. This administration has this past year allowed over one million legal entries. Now it is proposing to hit Americans again, with an amnesty that will confirm more 12-20 million immigrants (not counting subsequent chain migration—not counting increases in legal immigration that will be sneaked through). All of it will be financed by the tax payer.

Regardless of your party affiliations, the straightforward unfairness of allowing illegal aliens to acquire the benefits of citizenship will be impossible to ignore.

 Just remember, Folks, that at the bottom of every amnesty argument you will hear is the wish of its advocates for more cheap labor and more poor Hispanic voters. Keep that in mind as the spinning continues.

But, as the shootout looms, Americans will finally get a chance to show the power elite—the MSM, the White House, the Congress—that their positions have been dead wrong. Boy, am I delighted.

Those powerful Democrats advocating more aliens claim the amnesty debate will help them at the polls. But as a Democrat, I say that I am saddened at what this arrogant band of people in my party are doing to America .

Are any of these heretofore deaf Democrats listening?

Donald A. Collins [email him], is a freelance writer living in Washington DC and a former long time member of the board of FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform. His views are his own.

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