Deanne Ostbye And Eriese Tisdale: Two Of The Minority Voters Mitt Romney Regrets Not Appealing To
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Deanne Ostbye Caught Attacking

Serbian tourist Aleksandra Cvetkovic at the moment of her March 1 assault by Hispanic “social conservative” Deanne Ostbye

Following the GOP’s second consecutive Presidential catastrophe, all of its Finest Minds dusted off their old amnestisiac talking points: obviously, the Party’s salvation lies in another mass amnesty of maybe 24 million illegal alien invaders [PDF] (of course, they radically lowball the count), plus several million illegal anchor babies, plus (though they somehow forgot to mention this) as many as 120 million “relatives,” real and fraudulent, through family reunification and chain migration.

Mitt Romney recently went beyond that talking point. Notwithstanding’s repeated proof of the contrary, he said his electoral defeat was due to his weak showing with the minority vote:

We weren't effective in my message primarily to minority voters, to Hispanic-Americans, African-Americans, other minorities. That was a real mistake.

Romney relays disappointment over loss, admits mistakes, in first sitdown since 2012 election,, March 3, 2013.

GOP pundits (Michael Barone, Charles Krauthammer, et cetera ) have long argued that immigrants/ Hispanics have Republican values.

These GOP values apparently include:

1. Low average IQs;

2. Astronomical crime rates;

3. A proclivity for organized crime and collective violence;

4. The violent seizure of all public space (schools, buses, subways, parks, malls, streets, and even stoops);

5. Assaulting and murdering policemen;

6. Majority rates of illegitimacy;

7. Massive exploitation of welfare programs;

8. Status as net tax eaters, rather than as net taxpayers;

9. Militant anti-intellectualism;

10. Implacable irredentism; and

11. Anti-white racism.

Let’s look at a couple of potential voters Romney let get away: Deanne Ostbye and Eriese Tisdale.

Ostbye, 30, leapt from nowhere to notoriety on March 1, when she was caught on camera in New York’s Times Square bodyslamming Serbian tourist Aleksandra Cvetkovic, 34, giving Cvetkovic bloody head wounds:

Aleksandra Cvetkovic received bloody head wounds in attack

It was 1 p.m., and the place was swarming with tourists and probably more cops per square mile than anywhere in America, excepting the perimeter of a presidential motorcade.

And yet the area still wasn’t safe for a pretty blonde to stop and have her picture taken.

That’s the America that both major parties have striven to bring about.

The Main Stream Media described Ostbye as a “tourist,” just like her victim, and the “anti-racist” brigade clogged newspaper comment threads, claiming that Ostbye was “white.” (Typical comment on a Daily Mail comment thread: “They are both white you ignorant muppet”.) White-enough, I guess, like “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman.

Actually, Ostbye is a Hispanic drifter who had been arrested no fewer than five times in three different states—Maine, Washington, and New York—since January, 2012: three times for assault, as well as for prostitution and drugs. Quite probably there are earlier misdemeanor arrests which have been expunged. (Ostbye is still in custody, amazingly, and on March 8 was ordered to undergo a psychiatric examination.)

Of course, apologists will argue that Ostbye is an anomaly among Hispanics. My view: The only thing anomalous about her is that she appears to be a lone wolf. Hispanics typically have a more collective orientation. If trends can be extrapolated, there are anywhere from two million to five million Hispanic gangbangers in the country.

According to the LAPD, in the city of Los Angeles alone, there are over 450 mostly Hispanic gangs, with over 45,000 members. I’ve heard the number 100,000.

The New Century Foundation’s  1999 state-of-the-art report on race and crime, The Color of Crime, reports that Hispanics are 19 times (and blacks 15 times) more likely to join gangs than whites.

According to the 2012 Chicago Crime Commission Gang Book, the Windy City has 69 different street gangs, at least 65 of which (94.2 percent) are black (17), Hispanic (46), or a mix of the two (2).

Anaheim, CA, a once-white city, now has a majority of Hispanic “residents,” legal and otherwise, whose neighborhoods are dominated by violent street gangs, whose members have names like “Stomper” and “Yogi.”

Among Hispanic males, joining a street gang is the default setting. (Such behavior is also increasingly the default position among black males.)

An Open Borders fanatic will tell you that such behavior will die off in time. If he is a Jew (like me), he will wax nostalgic about how much Mexican illegal alien women remind him of his grandmother or mother.

Oh yeah? My Hungarian-born Nana came over circa 1896, when she was three years old. On the Lower East Side, she learned English as a second or third language. She swore off all foreign loyalties and became a fanatical American patriot, stopped speaking Hungarian and Yiddish, and learned to speak accent-free English. At 14, she was her grammar school salutatorian (second in class), at which point her formal education ended, and she joined the workforce. She worked her way up to executive secretary, and for many years served our hometown of Long Beach, NY, as deputy registrar, recording all births, deaths, and marriages.

Nana had bent pinkies from pounding away with her little hands on old-fashioned, manual typewriters. As a schoolgirl, she had won beautiful editions of Longfellow and Tennyson’s poems, and the multivolume History of the Dutch Republic. She also owned all of Shakespeare’s works.

Every week, Nana would solve the crossword in the Sunday New York Times Magazine, and the quote-acrostic in the Saturday Review. (I’ve never come close to solving either.)

When Treason Lobbyists like Sheldon Adelson think of their immigrant parents or grandparents, they say they’re thinking of people like my Nana. But they’re lying. Hispanic aliens inspire not sentimentality in the Treason Lobby, but cold, hard calculation. They are mere cheap labor.

The Hispanics the Treason Lobby romanticizes, more often than not, are not only illiterate in English—which they have no interest in learning anyway—but in Spanish as well. Far from being willing to adopt the rule of (Anglo-American) law, they come from a culture that deifies violent felons.

James Traub’s 1994 book about the City College of New York, City on a Hill: Testing the American Dream at City College , shows how the college that had become famous through producing Jewish graduates, typically sons of immigrants, who went on to become famous authors, scientists, and Nobel laureates, surrendered to an Affirmative Action, Open Admissions regime—and became notorious for accepting functionally illiterate blacks and Hispanics. Traub profiled Hernan Morales, an English major… who had never read a book.

In 2005, in Hispanic-dominated Richmond, California, then the state’s most violent city, honor roll student Liliana Valenzuela sued the state to get her high school diploma…and won.

Not only could Valenzuela not pass the dumbed-down state certification exam required to get her diploma, but she could complain to sympathetic reporters only in Spanish. (Fortunately, the state prevailed upon appeal).

High-IQ Germans, Irishmen, Italians, Jews and East Asians immigrants could indeed overcome the trauma and pathologies of immigration. But with Hispanics, the opposite is true. As my colleague Edwin S. Rubenstein wrote in The State of White America-2007, what you see in the Hispanic immigrant generation is as good as it gets. It’s all downhill from there.

All too often, Hispanics come as irredentist America-haters who seek to squeeze as much out of the welfare state as they can—and their descendants, rather than assimilating, become a reconquista Fifth Column.

The GOP push to amnesty millions of illegal alien invaders means an unlimited, ever-growing supply of “Stompers” and “Yogis,” whose voting habits will increasingly converge with those of blacks.

Now let’s look at black Republican values.

On February 28, Eriese Tisdale murdered Port St. Lucie Sheriff’s Deputy Sergeant Gary Morales. 

Murder victim, St. Lucie County Sheriff's Deputy Sgt. Gary Morales, 35

Murder victim, St. Lucie County Sheriff's Deputy Sgt. Gary Morales, 35

Mug shot of cop-killer Eriese Alphonso Tisdale, 25

Mug shot of cop-killer Eriese Alphonso Tisdale, 25

Tisdale said he was acting in self-defense, based on Sgt. Morales’ “tone,” and the sergeant’s putting his hand on his holstered weapon.

Unfortunately, support for black cop-killers and would-be cop-killers is growing even among the most respectable members of the black community.

And blacks of all social classes increasingly expect a free ride, at whites’ expense.

Reportedly, one-third of black men end up convicted of a felony—a statistic that has nothing to do with poverty. And statistics aside, today one sees black males of all social classes—the majority in many areas—wearing their pants halfway down their legs, with their underwear and more exposed, in defiance of civilized norms.

How will the GOP get the pants-on-the-ground vote?

Despite Romney’s recent regrets about not reaching “primarily minority voters," the GOP has been reaching away from its base since Richard Nixon. George W. Bush governed just as Jack Kemp would have. He gave blacks and Hispanics billions of dollars-worth of subsidized homes, thereby causing the Minority Mortgage Meltdown. They “rewarded” Bush by overwhelmingly voting for Obama twice.

Far from engaging in the in-reach that has been advocating for 12 years—“the Sailer Strategy”—GOP hacks have condemned it  as “racist.”

My old Toogood Reports colleague Jim Antle described back in 2000 the strategy that the GOP’s neoconservative gatekeepers had in mind for the party—and why it wouldn’t work:

[Kristol’s and Brooks’] political strategy in essence was this: Jettison the boorish white Southerners—a Weekly Standard bete noire held responsible for much of the GOP's troubles within its pages—and their Christian right friends [N.S.: Plus, now, the Tea Party.], as well as other elements of the Republican coalition easily caricatured by the Democrats. Replace them with a party that chablis-sipping sophisticates from the Northeast who dress like Tucker Carlson would be more comfortable with. Sprinkle generous amounts of happy talk about reform. Voila! A new majority is born....

What is to be gained by reading the GOP's backbone constituencies out of the party in exchange for better coverage from the New York Times? It ought to be said that when the party looked more like what Kristol and Brooks envision, it was consigned to permanent minority status.

Most of all, this formulation is utterly devoid of moral and intellectual substance....

[Bill Kristol goes party-building by W. James Antle III, Enter Stage Right, March 13, 2000.]

Needless to say, the more the GOP has sucked up to the leftwing MSM, the worse the media have treated it.

Either the gatekeepers never learn, or the future of the nation—much less the Party—means nothing to them.

But why is Mitt Romney—or any member of the GOP/Generic American Party—still listening to them?

Nicholas Stix [email him] is a New York City-based journalist and researcher, much of whose work focuses on the nexus of race, crime, and education. He spent much of the 1990s teaching college in New York and New Jersey. His work has appeared in Chronicles, The New York Post, Weekly Standard, Daily News, New York Newsday, American Renaissance, Academic Questions, Ideas on Liberty and many other publications. Stix was the project director and principal author of the NPI report, The State of White America-2007. He blogs at Nicholas Stix, Uncensored.


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