Taxpayers Versus Tax Consumers
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January 27, 2013, 11:24 AM
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In a recent blog post, Amnesty To Boost Obamacare Costs - And Drudge Reports!!!,`s Patrick Cleburne wrote:

Adding large numbers of low-income people will inevitably raise more cost for more economically viable participants - aka Whites. Obamacare has always been a prime example of racial socialism.

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Interestingly, in a November 18, 2012 entry, Is Rush Limbaugh`s Country Gone?, at the New York Times`s political blog, Times columnist Thomas B. Edsall had written:

In broader terms, the political confrontation pits taxpayers, who now form the core of the center-right coalition, against tax consumers who form the core of the center-left.

So Edsall, although missing (or omitting) the racial angle, was saying something quite complementary to Cleburne`s point. 

The Edsall quote is useful both because of its frankness and because it appeared where it appeared, i.e. in what Peter Gadiel has termed [link] "the chief house organ of the Democratic Party."  (In that same article, Gadiel discussed a notable earlier instance of Edsall`s frankness.)

National-Question patriots would do well to add this recent Edsall statement to their treasuries of memorable and useful quotes.  Then remember to use it strategically in political discussions, letters-to-the-editor, et cetera.

Vocabulary note: An even more vivid expression than Edsall`s "tax consumers" is "tax eaters."