Carlos Mencia Can't Even Spell PC And Neither Can…Thank God!!
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OK, I've had it with heavy-duty legislative analyses of the proliferating Pence Ploys. Here's what I do for fun:

If you have never heard of Carlos Mencia or watched his show, The Mind of Mencia, on Comedy Central, you are missing out…big time.

This guy has been called everything from a racist to a hero—from the Antichrist to the Savior…savior of truth that is.

Personally, I try to never miss an episode which air on Sunday nights.

This is how it happened:

I was planning on watching South Park (punctuating Congressional hearings and serial news with simple comedy or mindless drama is essential for my survival). One evening, I tuned in a bit early.

I heard this guy making the most outlandish, non-pc jokes involving racial stereotypes and immigration that I found myself laughing harder than I have ever laughed at any comedian.

Here's an overview:

Mencia has a skit called "Wetback Mountain" (view clip here) in which two Hispanic men feel compelled to keep a giant secret from their employers.

The secret is that, alas, they are not sophisticated, white collar guys…they're beaners.

The gist:  When the work day is done, these two run off together, hand-in-hand, to a remote hillside location—much like the scene from the gay cowboy movie Brokeback Mountain.

But later we see these two wearing ponchos, hitting piñatas, dancing around a campfire and drinking Tequila—you know, instead of making out…or worse.

Another skit is called "Drive-by Shooting School" (view clip here) and the title alone had me in stitches.

Mencia introduces the skit by saying he's fed up with innocent people being killed in drive-by shootings:

"You gang bangers have one job—one job—to shoot other gang bangers…and you suck at it."

So he sends them to school and gives them lessons…

For example, the Hispanic gang banger is advised to raise the bandana that practically covers his eyes in order to better his aim.

The Black gang banger is shown the proper way to point a gun (straight) as opposed to that stupid sideways angle they seem to prefer.

Mencia also does a skit about the famous road sign found only in Southern California which depicts a family, holding hands crossing the freeway—a sign obviously designed to alert drivers to the possibility of people racing across the border on foot. (View clip here)

Carlos interviews an official government employee as to whom the sign depicts—or rather, what race of people?

As a true disciple of political correctness, the man refuses to describe the sign with anything other than generic, socially-acceptable terms.

And this is precisely the behavior that drives Mencia to write his brilliant, anti-pc comedy—or what I would call comedy for people who live in the real world.

Mencia of course has his critics—those who call his brand of comedy racist and offensive.

Of course, if you apply the modern definition of racist, that means "he must be right."

Just as the country has focused on illegal immigration, Mencia has also focused more on the subject…as only he can.

In one monologue, he hit on the protest marches and the Mexican flag.

He mimicked one female protester as saying:

"I don't understand how come the American people are not treating us like Americans."

The Mencia response:

"Umm, maybe it's the flag you're holding! Mexico! Why would you hold a Mexican flag when you're to tell America that you love this country? That's like coming to my house, taking a crap on my table and saying what are you going to cook next…nothing!"

He speaks of his own immigrant parents.

"My dad's from Honduras and my mom's from Mexico and all they ever said was how beautiful Mexico is, what a paradise Honduras is."

So he would ask them "Then why don't you go back?"

They would say "Well, it's a very technical situation."

Mencia's response:

"It's not a very technical situation.  If you go back to Mexico, it's not like there's border patrol on that side going, 'Hey, Hey…where joo going?'"

Mencia definitely capitalizes on racial stereotypes and no subject matter is taboo or off-limits but he simply tells the truth—the truth everybody else wishes they could speak without fear of retribution.

Yeah…and nobody is safe…nobody.

Whites, Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Arabs, Gays, Fat People…everybody is a target! Through sketch comedy or simple one-liners, Mencia manages to bring everybody into the fray in the most hysterical and truthful ways.

Trying to explain improbable odds, Mencia has said things like:

  • "It's like going to a NASCAR event and meeting the one girl without a black eye" or;
  Here are a few of his race-based jokes—which are frankly the bread and butter of his show:  
  • "The gates here are not for decorations, they're the same gates my parents jumped to get to this country."
In one of my favorite sketches, Mencia portrays an Indian convenience store owner who likes to speak well, frankly to his customers.

A very large Black woman is heaping nacho cheese onto her chips and talking loudly about how thin celebrity women are—how she too could look that good if she had a personal trainer.

(I hear women use this excuse a lot. I try to explain in my typical gentle fashion that putting down the fork is also a good idea.)

Carlos Mencia (as Hajj, the Indian store owner) says

"If you had a personal trainer, you would probably eat him. Oh, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have insulted you because in my country, cows are sacred."

Interestingly enough, Mencia says he saw the opportunity for his niche comedy when, early in his career, he told a joke which made fun of Black people.

He noticed that, out in the audience, the Black people were laughing and the Whites were sitting silently…not because it wasn't funny but because they (like everybody else) didn't think they were allowed to laugh.

In his own words,

"I know that not everybody's going to like my show…But that's OK because I'm not for those people. See, I know who I'm for. I'm for the people that are real. What they find cool about the show is the honesty of it. It's that moment that nobody else talks about."[ He's on PC patrol| Comedy Central's Carlos Mencia believes 'political correctness is a form of racism.' By Jay Fernandez, LA Times, July12, 2006]

Hmm…kind of like—honest about what nobody else talks about.

If only more people were like Carlos Mencia…and!

Bryanna Bevens [email her] is a political consultant and former chief of staff for a member of the California State Assembly.

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