Announcing Unity Review—A 2004 VDARE.COM Anthology.
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Peter Brimelow writes:  Occasionally I hear rumors that there are people who don't spend all day reading on computer screens, but still prefer their words delivered via dead tree technology.  In fact, Edith Hakola, Executive Vice President of the Center for American Unity, insists that some of our best friends AND DONORS fall into this category. Due to her gentle persuasion, we unveil here Unity Review, a stand-alone book-length anthology of the best of VDARE.COM through its first four years. It is written in our trademark, thought-provoking, conversational style. And it's distributed at less than cost!

The Unity Review is intended both as a hard-copy resource and a sample of VDARE.COM's unique contributions to a debate that is inexorably gathering force—both because of President Bush's stunningly radical amnesty/guest worker proposal and because of the relentless pressure of demographics.

VDARE.COM was founded because we believe facts and analysis vital to this debate are not presented in the Establishment media, left or right. We now take our facts and analysis into the tree dimension.

We hope to issue the next Unity Review anthology in less than four years—unless internet enlightenment becomes total!

We hope our readers and their tree-oriented friends enjoy Unity Review—and that it serves them well in the battle ahead.

Unity Review
Table of Contents

1 New Pressure For Immigration Reform

Two Years After 9/11, Time for an Immigration Reform Litmus Test 6
By Peter Brimelow

Meet (Part of) the Immigration Reform Coalition. They're Surprised, Too 11
By Juan Mann

2 Encouraging Signs of Real Reform

Mexico's Terrified Tancredo-Bashing 14
By Allan Wall

A Reader Thanks for Helping Save Her Town 19
By Daytona Jarman

The Barton Case—a Victory! Report from Occupied America 22
By Peter Brimelow

The Barton Case: Waking the Sleeping Giant? 24
By James Fulford

Victory in the Barton Case! For Now… 28
By Peter Brimelow

3 Amnesty

Ask an Amnesty Advocate: How Much Fraud Last Time? 31
By Juan Mann

View from Lodi, CA: Amnesty According to Rolling Stone and 35
By Joe Guzzardi

Rescuing U.S. Citizenship 38
By Howard Sutherland

AFL-CIO—the American Federation of Latinos / Congress of Immigrant Organizations? 41
By Peter Brimelow

4 Is English America's Official Language?

Figures Don't Lie: Linguistic Isolation Balkanizes America 42
By Edwin S. Rubenstein

5 Multicultural Balkanization

Silence Is No Longer An Option – Immigration Making Colonies out of Nation-States 45
By Paul Craig Roberts

Freedom of Association OK – except for "Caucasian Club" 48
By Sam Francis

American Schools Lowering Standards for Hispanics 51
By Joe Guzzardi

To Deport, or Not to Deport? 54
By David A. Yeagley

Is America the World's Kleenex? Etc. 57
By James Fulford

Sam Brownback and the Somali Bantu 59
By Thomas Allen

The Sailer Strategy: Graphic Evidence from California 65
By Steve Sailer

6 The Cost: Jobs, Welfare, and Crime

Unemployment: Time to Talk about the Immigration Dimension 68
By Joe Guzzardi

It's Official: U.S. Importing Poverty 72
By Sam Francis

America Educating the World – at Taxpayer Expense 75
By Howard Sutherland

"Bring Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Criminals…" 79
By Sam Francis

That Santillan Saga: Lies, Damned Lies, Immigration Enthusiasts and Neosocialist Health Bureaucrats 82
By Peter Brimelow

Illegal Aliens: the Health Cost Dimension 88
By Joe Guzzardi

A Census Bureau Employee Adds SSI to SS 93
By Anonymous

New Borjas Bombshell: Immigration Now Impacting College Grads' Incomes 94
By Peter Brimelow

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