"Silence Is No Longer An Option" - Immigration Making Colonies Out Of Nation-States
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[VDARE.COM note: London Times' Anthony Browne writes to VDARE.COM about his dramatic article]

Will Americans ever escape the gag of political correctness? Probably not, but the English are making a last ditch effort. Last week the London Times published an article by one of its editors titled "Britain is Losing Britain" (August 7). [VDARE.COM note: when this link goes dead, check Anthony Browne's letter above.]

Third world immigration, hitherto an unmentionable subject, is quadrupling the rate of Britain's population growth and creating a new city of immigrants the size of Cambridge every six months.

Immigration, the Times says, is transforming Britain into "a foreign land." British society is being utterly transformed

"against the wishes of the majority of the population, damaging quality of life and social cohesion, exacerbating the housing crisis and congestion,"

and burdening the health service to the breaking point.

Finding the situation "so extreme and so damaging," the Times editor writes that

"silence is no longer an option."

Britain is literally disappearing. In many British cities

"you can wander around for hours without seeing a white face, one monoculture having replaced another."

Yet, "immigration celebrationists" continue

"to brainwash the British public into thinking that it is all for their own good. But almost every reason given to support this immigration is bogus."

"In the past five years," the Times says,

 "while the white population grew by 1 per cent, the Bangladeshi community grew by 30 percent, the black African population by 37 per cent and the Pakistani community by 13 per cent. . . . Whole villages in Bangladesh have been transplanted to northern English towns."

The British political order has broken down. Polls show that without question

"the large majority of British people—including around half of ethnic minorities—think there is too much immigration."

But public opinion is powerless:

"no mainstream political party dare reflect public opinion."

British politicians cower before the immigration lobby and fear being called racist, Nazi, xenophobic.

Name calling aside, the Times says that massive immigration without assimilation leads to social fragmentation. More non-Britons wish to live in Britain than are consistent with the existence of Britain:

"The people of Britain have a right to decide who can move here."

The Times' assertion that the people of Britain—and not the immigration lobby—have the right to decide immigration policy is heresy to multiculturalists. But then (before anyone could burn the heretic) the Daily Mail, Britain's largest circulation newspaper, reprinted the Times article.

Thus debate has begun— before hysterical "immigration celebrationists" can shout it down.

Sir Andrew Green, a career British diplomat, together with Oxford University demographer David Coleman, has formed a new organization, Migration Watch UK. These developments are shifting the burden of argument.

Now immigration enthusiasts are on the hot seat. They must explain why they aren't racists for wishing to destroy Britain with massive third world immigration.

Americans are losing their country, too, but Americans are not allowed to say so. Third world immigration to the U.S. is higher than to Britain. One in five of the U.S. population was born abroad or born of parents who were born abroad. This is a massive change from 1970 when new immigrants counted for only one in twenty U.S. births.

While the British worry about losing cities to third world immigrants, the U.S. is losing entire states. Assimilation has broken down. In its place Americans now endure third world enclaves or colonies.

As the U.S. becomes a polyglot, how can it have any foreign policy? How much longer will the U.S. be able to conduct a pro-Israeli foreign policy and plan invasions of Middle Eastern countries?

The outlines of U.S. domestic policy in the New Immigrationist State (NIS) are already apparent. The tax burdens on native-born whites will rise to meet the needs of the poor immigrants. The burden of the federal personal income tax rests on a narrow base of 35 million taxpayers who are, in effect, slaves of the state. The colonization of these taxpayers will intensify as millions of needy new immigrants enter the U.S. each year.

The U.S., like Britain, faces extinction as a nation-state. Both countries are becoming colonies for a plethora of third world cultures.

As one Briton put it, "we resisted Hitler in order to become a colony for Africa, Asia, and the Middle East."

The U.S. has done the British one better. We have become the world's colony.

Paul Craig Roberts is the co-author with Lawrence M. Stratton of The Tyranny of Good Intentions: How Prosecutors and Bureaucrats Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name of Justice


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