Announcing The First Annual VDARE.COM Zamarripa Award: GA State Senator Sam ("We Shall Overwhelm") Zamarripa
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What do you call an American elected official who sits on the national board of MALDEF [scroll down to "board members"], and is founding partner of a bank that was making mortgage loans to illegal aliens before making mortgage loans to illegal aliens was cool?

What would you call him if he agitated for his illegal alien bank customers from his elected position by doing everything possible to get them driver's licenses? And shills as the designated dealer when the illegal alien lobby, SPLC included, needs the race card?

What if he was leading the charge against legislation in his state that would make things considerably more difficult for those illegal aliens…and for the corporate criminals who employ them?

Wait…there's more.

What if this "American" elected official were part of an investment firm that was buying up small radio stations and TV stations and converting them to Spanish language-broadcasting?

What if he joined ranks in a La Raza-financed "march for dignity" demanding for amnesty, "justice" and driver's licenses for illegal aliens … alongside masked anarchists and banners carried by members of the Socialist Workers Party? (He did, I was there. The fun of shouting "Viva La Migra!" and "Enforce our laws!" at the marching mob containing this elected official—see "photo gallery" tab—cannot be overstated.)

Let's say this elected official was well connected to the big money, sits on numerous boards around his state and is carefully shielded by the sixth largest newspaper in the U.S. (He is). Let's say he was founder of an ethnically-based non-profit he calls the Georgia Association of Elected Latino Officials (GALEO) and proudly counts that all-American luminary, Jane Fonda, as one of his "founding friends". (He does.)

What would you call him?

Here in Georgia, we call him state senator Sam Zamarripa (D-Atlanta).

Click here to put a face (again) on the person most guilty of pocketing dead presidents while aiding, assisting and encouraging illegal immigration into Georgia.

I regard Zamarripa as a cross between a Morris Dees wannabe, (without the principles, class or integrity) and one of the founders of MALDEF, Mario ("They ought to go back to Europe!") Obledo.

If you are thinking that this must be a disgusting and dangerous combination, you are very correct.

For me, a self-financed immigration crime-fighter in Georgia, Zamarripa represents the slippery, well-connected, wealthy leadership of the "other side".

Who is most responsible for putting the "'fornia" in Georgiafornia? Take my educated word on it…Sam Zamarripa.

What is Zamarripa's game plan for getting wealthier while advocating for the continued illegal alien invasion of his own country? (Not just any illegal aliens…Hispanic illegal aliens) Here is some insight from a Zamarripa quote in a March 6, 2003 piece by Maria Saporta in that 6th largest newspaper in the nation…the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

"Your song may be, 'We shall overcome,'... [Zamarripa said]. Our song is, 'We shall overwhelm.'".

(This quote would never see AJC print in 2005—the Treason Lobby knows that American patriots are waking up)

That statement of strategy on advancing the cause of Hispanic illegal immigration into Georgia was made to Lyndon Wade, the soon-to-be retired director of the Atlanta Urban League, shortly after Zamarripa was elected to his state senate office.

I am creating a new VDARE end-of-the-year award—The Zamarripa award for the state level ethnic hustling profiteer of the year.

In the "New America" of George W Bush, my state of Georgia suffers one of the largest and fastest growing populations of illegal aliens. Most come to us from that paradise to our south…Mexico.

Leadership in our state legislature here is slowly realizing that they may be forced to do something about dealing with Mexico's overflow. We watch as they check the winds and gather their courage to (possibly) act.

This does not include our Governor, Sonny Perdue. (R- "no position on illegal immigration"—except that it is a "federal problem") Purdue apparently hopes that the crisis will somehow vanish before we start our legislative session in early January.

A courageous and committed Georgia state senator, Chip Rogers (R- great American!) has introduced several pieces of legislation that would—if passed and actually enforced—make Georgia very inhospitable for the criminal employers and the illegal aliens themselves. Several are pointed directly at those who hire illegals.

One pending bill, (SB 170), requiring that applicants for all non-federally mandated state funded benefits actually prove legal immigration status is the one that seems to be most alarming to Zamarripa.

After all, it would seriously cut into his personal income and hinder his stated strategy of overwhelming Georgia with illegal aliens.

Advocating the continued acceptance of the Mexican matricula consular ID is an ongoing endeavor for our resident Reconquista. He seems to take it very seriously when I explain to senate committees that the matricula is easily obtained…and then show them one of mine.

You see, in combination with the federally-issued ITIN, Zamarripa's bank, United Americas Bank…a.k.a. "Banco Unido", accepts the Mexican matricula consular as valid photo ID. But the matricula is not on the list of documents accepted as proof of legal Georgia residence in Rogers' bill.

In a recent press conference, one that I attended, Zamarripa stood before a large group of Georgia print "journalists", while he told the room that Rogers' bills would do nothing to stop illegal immigration into Georgia—and that illegal immigration is "not in the purview of state government."

He then—and I love this one—went on to outline his own coming legislation… to address and help along illegal immigration into Georgia.

In his press conference account of how actually obeying existing federal law here would affect illegals, he repeatedly used the words "segregation", "George Wallace" and "Rosa Parks".

Get it?

The envelope please…

The 2005 first annual Zamarripa award (A "Zammy"?) for the most shameless ethnic hustling profiteer, state legislator category, goes to …Georgia state Senator/MALDEF board member—Sam Zamarripa!

I challenge readers and the rest of the VDARE editorial collective to name anyone (category specific, no using the President!) to show me anyone who surpasses Sam Zamarripa's brazen and tireless efforts to leave no illegal alien's dollar behind.

Country be damned—although Zamarripa is U.S.-born, in case you're wondering, one of a number of signs that assimilation isn't working as advertised.

In the hallway of the Georgia Capitol two years ago, after a committee meeting at which we both gave presentations, Zamarripa made it a point to thank me loudly but disingenuously "for being a good citizen."

He doesn't thank me anymore.  

Of that, I am very proud.

Congratulate state Senator Zamarripa here!

D.A. King [email him] is president of The Dustin Inman Society and proprietor of The American Resistance. He is the proud owner of not one but two fake Mexican Matricula Consulars.

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