America's Unending Romance
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Mexico was America's first girlfriend. Her fiery black eyes, her music, her food, all cast a spell over America, and America can't shake her off. Ask Marty Robbins about her. Remember "Feleena," El Paso," "Devil Woman," and all that inimitable sentiment over a Mexican girl?

But now she's fat, pregnant, and wants to move in!

Mexico is claiming her rights. She belongs to America, and to everything America has. She says America is the father of her baby.

It's a pickle. Most Americans can't muster enough outrage, or even resentment, to kick her out. The Minutemen ask, "Why is the American government completely indifferent to the border crisis?" Why can't American see the disaster of mass immigration?

Charm, in a word. Mexico is beautiful. She's the most romantic country in the western hemisphere. And even John Wayne's Alamo (1960) paid tribute to her pride. The great Santa Anna took off his royal, feathered helmet before the sole survivor of the Alamo, an embattled woman, when she walked out before him in her humble dignity. The Mexican understands pride.

And the Mexican understands work. The Mexican can out-work anyone. Certainly in the Southwest, Mexicans plant and pick the fruits and vegetables, they do all the yard work in the cities, all the roof work, and much of the construction. The financial greed of the white capitalists is not to be blamed on the Mexican worker. The illegality of the Mexican's presence is the crime of careless capitalists.

Mexicans wouldn't be here if someone wasn't paying them. The benefits they finagle out of the willing, liberal government are not their fault. They're being used, but they're the beneficiary. Why should they resist?

America is certainly acting like the father of the Mexican bastard. America never married the Mexican girlfriend, but the government will not denounce her, nor put her out.

The Americans who resist her seem like jealous siblings. They are the true sons and daughters of America. They don't want the Mexican moving in, even if he is a half-brother or half-sister. The mother is an unwed woman. This insults the pride of the true American.

This "move-in" is not legitimate. It's not legal. Yet, it is based on deeper emotions and the law of common sense. If America is the father, then the woman has a right. Many, many Americans cannot in their hearts feel that illegal immigration is criminal.

So Mexicans usurp the airwaves. In Oklahoma City, the oldest and most famous radio station, WKY, known as Super Talk 930, has now become completely Mexican. Owned by Citadel Broadcasting Corporation, the station since January, 2006 is broadcast in Spanish. All Mexican, all the time. The pregnant Mexican girl has certainly moved into Oklahoma City. If anyone's upset, the media's keeping it quiet.

Oklahomans, for all their famed "Bible-belt" conservatism, are managed by grand liberal and crooked patriarchs. Citadel bought WKY in 2003, after Citadel itself was bought out in 2000 by Frostmann Little & Company (a private equity firm) for $2 billion. Corporate radio is the end of local radio, so they say. Corporate radio is Mexican radio, at least in Oklahoma.

Whether into our ears, our eyes, or into the house next door, the Mexican move-in seems perfectly natural to many people. The dark side—gangs, criminals, drugs, as well as the decomposition of the economic infrastructure of states and cities due to the "welfare" abuse by illegal Mexicans, has yet to tarnish that glorious stereotype of a simple, beautiful, romantic Mexican girl.

Media protest from people like Lou Dobbs (CNN) simply shows that media does not influence the public when it needs to most. The federal government and corporate America have their own agenda. Local INS federal officers often disdain reported suspicion of some Mexican immigrant. I was told directly, by an INS federal officer, "Unless some crime has been committed, every person within these borders has the right to be here and move about freely." The officer tried to make me appear bigoted and racist for even calling. I committed a hate crime for wanting to investigate the appearance of illegal immigration.

The government doesn't consider immigration a serious crime. Real crime is murder, robbery, assault, or rape. Unless illegal Mexicans are committing real crimes, they're "legal."

But the responsible American knows that Mexico's bastard child is not his.

The Mexican girl is lying.

It's her child, and her responsibility. Her beauty merely blinds America's judgment.

America needs to exercise some old-fashioned self-discipline. Put her out.

Dr. David A. Yeagley [email him] is an enrolled member of the Comanche Nation, Elgin, Oklahoma. His articles appear in,, and on his own Web site, and he is a regular speaker for Young America's Foundation. David Yeagley's columns for VDARE.COM include An American Indian View of Immigration, and To Deport or not to Deport. David Yeagley is the author of Bad Eagle: The Rantings of a Conservative Comanche.

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