House Democrats Lose Vote To Keep Illegal Alien Voting in D.C. | VDARE Video Bulletin
March 06, 2023, 05:56 PM
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U.S. House Republicans have overturned Washington, D.C.’s, law that would permit illegal aliens and other noncitizens to vote [House passes resolutions to block DC voting, criminal code changes, by Susan Monyak, The Hill, February 9, 2023]. 

The bill passed 260-162, with 42 Democrats voting for it. The 162 who favor illegal-alien voting were, unsurprisingly, all Democrats. A companion bill must pass the Senate. One would hope some Democrats there will also vote against illegal-alien voting.

Even if it passes the Senate, Traitor Joe Biden might veto the bill.

Of D.C.’s 713,000 or so residents, between 21,000 and 50,000 are noncitizens [House Votes to Overturn DC Criminal Code and Voting Laws, by Ashraf Khalil, NBC 4, February 9, 2023].

Forbidding non-citizen voting in D.C., as a practical matter, doesn’t help Republicans there all that much. They can hold their meetings in the men’s room Lincoln Memorial.

But the measure does preserve the integrity of franchise. It blocks the Democrats from rewarding illegal aliens with the principal privilege of being a citizen.

Of course, Democrats used the defeat to push for D.C. statehood. 

“I think these resolutions are emblematic of why D.C. needs statehood,” D.C.’s non-voting Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton told ABC News [House votes to block 2 DC bills, drawing some local outrage and calls for statehood, Beatrice Peterson and Alexandra Hutzler, ABC News, February 9, 2023].

Biden also thinks D.C. “deserves statehood.”

Delaware Sen. Tom Carper has yet again introduced a D.C. statehood bill, which will never pass the House, although a companion bill did under Democrat rule in 2021 [Carper Leads Senate Reintroduction Of Bill To Grant Statehood To The District Of Columbia,, January 24, 2023].

Statehood for D.C. would mean two more Democrat senators and one more Democrat congressman to empower the communists who took over the country in 2020.

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