Has ANYONE Seen This Amnesty Bill?
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If anyone has  a copy of the Gang of Eight's bill,  or knows where it's posted online, please email me at [email protected]. I can't help wondering if they're going to try to vote on it before it even exists, like the New Deal Congress  did with the Emergency Banking Bill in 1933:

"Besides, the public beheld the spectacle of a succession of imperious messages from the President to a Congress made dizzy by the swiftness and variety and novelty of the demands. On March 9, the President called on Congress for legislation to control the opening of the banks and confirm all that he had done. The bill was not ready. But the swift-moving processes of legislation could not wait in this new order for a bill to be prepared. A folded newspaper was tossed into the hopper to serve as a bill until the document could be completed. The bill was then sent to Congress by the President. Congress passed it instantly and gave the President full powers over foreign exchange." The Roosevelt Myth, (1948)By John T. Flynn, p. 11, Chapter 2, The Hundred Days. [PDF]

See also Raymond Moley, After Seven Years, p. 150 [PDF]

If a folded newspaper does get tossed in the legislative hopper, it's likely to be the Wall Street Journal.

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