Yglesias Sympathizes with Terrorizing Tucker Carlson's Four Children
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I always go back to a non-political example of why doxxing home addresses is very bad. In 1979-1980, John Lennon emerged from his long drug fog and started once again giving coherent, witty interviews. One of his topics was the irony of the composer of “Imagine,” with its line about “imagine no possessions,” possessing several lavish apartments in the famous Dakota building on Central Park in Manhattan.

That John Lennon lived in The Dakota quickly became very well known. But that knowledge didn’t sound like much of a risk since The Dakota exists in part to provide rich people with a high degree of security in their homes.

Fans of Lennon began gathering routinely outside The Dakota to get a glimpse of the ex-Beatle coming and going. This also didn’t seem like a problem since the fans were respectful and Lennon, after years of drug problems in the late 1970s, was in an upbeat mood.

It looked like a happy ending for all concerned.

So … doxxing: don’t do it. Not to anybody. No matter how righteous you feel it would be.

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