WSJ On Mexican Anti-“Migrant” Violence–“The Case Highlights An Uncomfortable Irony”–No, It Doesn’t
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I see the WSJ has finally noticed an anomaly we’ve been writing about for years–the awful things that Mexicans do to Guatemalans and other Central and South Americans who are illegal immigrants to Mexico:

Migrants Fall Prey to Mexican Gangs on Way to the U.S.

Wall Street Journal
July 19, 2011


MEXICO CITY—A Catholic priest says that scores of Central American immigrants were kidnapped in a mass abduction by a drug gang in June. But weeks later, Mexican authorities haven’t found the immigrants or made any arrests.

The case highlights an uncomfortable irony: Mexico, a country that has long defended the rights of its citizens in the U.S.—illegal or not—has been unable to defend the rights of Central American migrants that cross Mexico illegally on their way north.[More]

Actually, this story “highlights an uncomfortable irony”–that the WSJ, which has been encouraging mass Mexican immigration for years, apparently has no idea what Mexico and Mexicans are like.

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