Quote Of The Day: Mark Steyn On Demography And Pat Buchanan
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Mark Steyn has a lot to say about demography, but it’s frequently about Muslim demography in Europe. This is different:

“I had a faintly surreal conversation with two Hollywood liberal pals not so long ago: One moment they were bemoaning all those right-wing racists like Pat Buchanan who’d made such a big deal about the crowdaz cheering for the Mexican team and booing the Americans at a U.S.–Mexico soccer match in Pasadena, and deploring the way the U.S. goalie had complained that the post-match ceremony was conducted entirely in Spanish. Ten minutes later they were sighing that nothing in Los Angeles seemed to work quite as well as it did when they first came out west over 40 years ago.

And it never occurred to them that these two conversational topics might somehow be connected.”SteynOnline - THE DEMOGRAPHY OF DEBTORS.

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