WSJ Big Foot Deplores Youth Unemployment, Evades Immigration, Amnesty Aspect
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Compassion good. Clear thinking better.

I am told Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal is a nice enough fellow, and I think it pretty likely that it was honorable compassion for the plight of his own college age kids and their contemporaries that motivated him to navigate ideological minefield of WSJ editorial bigotry to publish Meet Generation Jobbed May 8, 2013.

…the political left is getting out ahead of the conservatives on an issue that matters a lot … the seemingly intractable problem of young Americans who can't find jobs…

The left-wing think tank, the Center for American Progress, published a study last month called "The High Cost of Youth Unemployment." This past Sunday, the New York Times carried a deconstruction of the youth unemployment nightmare, and the Huffington Post built its own piece around the Times's analysis...

Our kids are starting to look and sound like Europe's smart kids—despondent and resigned.

Henninger notes the ‘political left’ offers no solutions and neither does he. Apparently he just wants to say how very sad it all is – which is true.

But this means of course he is willfully blinding himself to the impact of excessive immigration on these young people. As I pointed out in Worst Youth Unemployment in 64 Years: Remember Immigration Impact flooding the entry level job market has brutally increased competition and lowered wages across a wide spectrum of employment up to and including STEM graduates.

And of course the 2013 Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration Bill is going to make things much tougher as I discussed in Gang Bill Result: Half New Graduate IT Slots To "Guestworkers"? and Gang Of 8 Wants Unlimited Immigration Of Graduate Professionals!

Sadly, this not a situation like Queen Jennifer Rubin’s ludicrous essay on the decline of California which in 3,100 words failed to mention the effect of immigration (because, it turned out, she had not thought about it).

Henninger or hopefully the WSJ Commissars are clearly well aware of the immigration dimension, because the essay is laced with gratuitous and quite anomalous pre emptive sneers at the opposition to Amnesty, a subject otherwise quite unintegrated into the theme:

The conservative tribes are at it again over that most ancient of all grievances: immigration.

…the GOP's attention to [youth unemployment] is virtually nonexistent. Gotta get America's version of the Berlin Wall built along the Rio Grande to keep Mexicans out of our fish-cleaning factories and grass-cutting jobs.

(Both the named occupations used to help young people including Hilary Clinton finance their education. Now they finance Mexican villages. The Gang of 8 even wants to wreck the ski instructor market!)

Young people would be one of the groups most helped by the desperately needed immigration moratorium.

Thank Daniel Henninger for his heart but tell him to start using his head – if he dares.

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