Would You Give A "Personal Tour Of The White House" To This Man?
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Another eight hours have passed, and one MSM outlet has appeared on Google News with a story on the Obama half brother/UK Visa refusal story—ifted from Reuters:
Obama’s Half Brother Is Denied a British Visa The New York Times April 12 2009

It notes the crucial fact that the White House was informed of the incident.

Britain’s Daily Mirror supplies some interesting facts about Samson Obama’s Inauguration visit (apparently he is also known as Abo)

the US President…gave half-brother Abo a personal tour of the White House in January when he attended the historic inauguration…

Abo and Barack first met in 1987 when Barack traced his family in Kenya.
Ever since, they have become extremely close, meeting several times and speaking regularly on the phone.

Barrack Obama’s brother banned from Britain over ‘sex assault’ lie By Justin Penrose Mirror.co.uk 11/04/2009

A personal tour…I wonder if the President’s daughters accompanied them? Would any other recent President have done this for someone accused of sexually harrassing young girls?

Perhaps this may partly explain Obama’s churlish rudeness to Britain during early diplomatic contacts. Family pride before National Interest.

A story was circulating then that Obama’s anglophobia stemmed from the belief that the British were cruel to his grandfather during the Mau-Mau rising. I rejected this on historical grounds: in particular Steve Sailer reports no such mention in Obama’s autobiography

The story was apparently originated by Obama’s step mother, who is also responsible for the story that Obama was born in Kenya. However, apparently her aversion for the British has limits, as The Mirror reports:

Abo’s mother, Kezia, is Barack’s stepmum and takes pride of place at family gatherings.
Immigration officers have discovered that at the time of his arrest Abo had been living illegally with Kezia in Bracknell for the past seven years.

That is Bracknell, Berkshire, U.K.

Another Auntie Zeituni!

Abuse the White Man. But grab what he created - the Obama creed.

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