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You don’t give up hope in the Easter season. The contrast between the dark despair of Good Friday and the elemental ecstasy of Easter Sunday, so powerfully associated with the resurgence of spring throughout the Western World, is simply too resonant.

And, as I have repeatedly said on VDARE.COM, there are more mundane reasons why I believe immigration reform patriots should not lose heart.

For one thing (this is an advantage of age!) I remember how all-conquering the Soviet Union appeared to be some thirty years ago, after the American defeat in Vietnam. I remember a senior statesman at a conservative magazine telling me that he privately believed the Red flag would soon wave over the world–but that he fought on because a) you never know; and b) ”there are theological injunctions against despair”!

Within four years, against all odds, this man’s long-time favored Presidential candidate, Ronald Reagan, had bounced back and won the White House.

Within fourteen years, wholly unexpectedly, the Soviet Union collapsed and vanished. [Go here for the rest of this story.]

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