Worst Newspaper In America—And The Alternative
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November 21, 2006, 10:30 PM
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Powerline has nominations for Worst Newspaper In America, and you can vote. The New York Times is not on the list—it`s the defending champion.The winner is goes up against the New York Times in the finals.

Here are a couple of examples of immigration related bias, one from the Palm Beach Post, a multimedia presentation called "Train Jumping: A Desperate Journey"[Will play sound, if you click on it.] that suggests that either they don`t know Sonia Nazario did exactly the same thing a while back, or they do know, and are copying her in hopes of getting a Pulitzer, like she did.

The other is from the San Francisco Chronicle, which covered Brian Bilbray`s victory by saying thing like ""Disapproval of Bush helps Dems" " and ""Disapproval of Bush helps Dems" " then sliding in at the end with "Still, GOP wins." If you had just been scanning the headlines, you wouldn`t have known that Bilbray won.

But really, no newspapers are good on immigration, either they don`t know, or they don`t want to know. Here at we continue, as we have for seven years now, fighting both misinformation in the MainStream Media, and we`re having a fundraising drive as we do from time to time. Imagine a world in which your only sources of information were your local paper, and the New York Times and give generously.