Worst Newspaper In America—And The Alternative
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Powerline has nominations for Worst Newspaper In America, and you can vote. The New York Times is not on the list—it's the defending champion.The winner is goes up against the New York Times in the finals.

Here are a couple of examples of immigration related bias, one from the Palm Beach Post, a multimedia presentation called "Train Jumping: A Desperate Journey"[Will play sound, if you click on it.] that suggests that either they don't know Sonia Nazario did exactly the same thing a while back, or they do know, and are copying her in hopes of getting a Pulitzer, like she did.

The other is from the San Francisco Chronicle, which covered Brian Bilbray's victory by saying thing like ""Disapproval of Bush helps Dems" " and ""Disapproval of Bush helps Dems" " then sliding in at the end with "Still, GOP wins." If you had just been scanning the headlines, you wouldn't have known that Bilbray won.

But really, no newspapers are good on immigration, either they don't know, or they don't want to know. Here at VDARE.com we continue, as we have for seven years now, fighting both misinformation in the MainStream Media, and we're having a fundraising drive as we do from time to time. Imagine a world in which your only sources of information were your local paper, and the New York Times and give generously.

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