Plain Speech By The Malmo Police: It's All Going To Hell In Sweden!
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Malmo is the third-largest city in Sweden and has been very hard hit by Muslim immigration, with whole areas becoming no-go zones where police and firemen are attacked just for entering. Fjordman has reported extensively about the rape epidemic against European women and girls.

Given the severe social restrictions against unpleasant speech, honesty about the Muslim immigrant problem is rare. Thanks to this brave officer for speaking up, particularly since Malmö policeman Bengt Lindström was fired earlier this year for criticizing Swedish immigration policy.

When you are a policeman you see the consequences of the decisions made by our politicians in a very real way. The immigration policy of Sweden is basically a total failure. Moreover, this experiment is costing enormous sums each and every year. Politicians are now afterwards trying to patch and mend, coming up with various ideas and measures. But it's totally obvious to every thinking human being that it is about to go to hell ­ in plain speech.

[...] - Many immigrants have no respect for the police whatsoever. Many times you're treated like you've come to collect the garbage. Immigrants have so far only encountered representatives from the immigration and social services. They are used to being stroked the right way and having all of their demands satisfied.

- Certain routine matters, like checking an immigrant's driving license in Rosengard (transl. note. an infamous immigrant suburb of Malmo), easily get out of hand and become a major event where all available police sources have to intervene to restore the order. Thanks to cellphones a lot of "supporters" join the scene in a very short time when you intervene in Rosengard. If you stop a car for a routine check, soon the whole clan show up to oppose the police.

- Unfortunately a large part of the Swedish people have a distorted view of what is happening and that is due 99 percent to the biased portrayal of reality given by the media. For example they use concepts like "youth gangs" instead of speaking plainly and saying, like in Landskrona (transl. note. another immigrant dense city in Skane) that it's Albanian criminal gangs who are causing problems. [Plain speech by the Malmö Police: It's all going to hell!, Folkets Nyheter, November 21, 2006—Swedish original here:Malmöpolisens klarspr?k: Det är p? väg att g? ?t helvete!]

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