Worse Than Body-Piercing? Foot-Binding Lasted In China For A Thousand Years
September 24, 2013, 07:11 PM
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Fashion is a mighty strange thing, doubly so when it leaves the fashion-follower permanently disabled, and quadruply so when the fashion lasts for a thousand years.

A 102-year-old is thought to be one of the few remaining women in China who has bound feet.

Han Qiaoni, from Yuxian County in northern China`s Shanxi Province, had her feet broken and bound when she was just two years old.

[Meet the last of China`s women to have her feet bound, Daily Mail, September 23, 2013]

Chinese women were still hobbling around on bound feet well within living memory.  My first landlady in Hongkong had bound feet.  That was 1971.  “She comes from a backward region,” Chinese friends explained to me apologetically.  Among urban and educated Chinese, the practice was pretty much shamed out of existence in the later 19th century.

I can see the poor woman now, clicking down the hall on her non-feet.  Her name was Mama Lee.  That was how it was printed on her business cards, ???.  Mind if I feel old for a few minutes?  Thanks.